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Transmutators and Mergician magic

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by RO_Imp, Sep 28, 2021.

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    29.09 a bunch of useful items have been introduced to the game, which help to free stat points by taking them away from the unwanted stats — Transmutators.
    Each converts 1 point of base stat, respective to the transmutator's name, to free points. Freed point will be available for allocation again.
    Has no effect if the stat is 1.
    Can only be used in cities.
    All Transmutators are account bound.
    If you want to exchange or sell them, here the Mergician may help.

    NPC Mergician [​IMG](Prontera 145 94) learned a new way of packing Transmutators of the same type in one exchangeable box.

    Items he works with are:
    [​IMG] Strength Transmutator
    [​IMG] Agility Transmutator
    [​IMG] Vitality Transmutator
    [​IMG] Intelligence Transmutator
    [​IMG] Dexterity Transmutator
    [​IMG] Luck Transmutator

    For example:

    He packs 5 Intelligence Transmutators to 1 Box of Intelligence Transmutators

    Box of Intelligence Transmutators
    Open it and receive one of the following items:
    Intelligence Transmutator x5
    Weight: 1