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Lineage 2 Europe vs Lineage 2 Essence

Discussion in 'Players helping players' started by SirWire, Oct 14, 2021.

  1. SirWire

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    Hello! I've tried it in several places already (reddit, other forums) but there was no meaningful answer. What has happened to Lineage2 lately? What is this "new" Essence and what about the "old" Lineage2? What I’ve always called “GOD” since Free to Play was released in 2010. Will there only be updates for Essence now? Or can someone summarize the differences / similarities between the 2 in 10 sentences? I really miss the "old" L2. I started playing in 2003 and I don’t know how the whole thing has progressed so far. I don't want to play on a private server, but please help me which version is closest to the "old" L2. Thanks to everyone who reads and tries to help me choose. I wish you a nice day!
  2. ziggle

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    The closest you will get to the old L2 is on the U.S N/A servers Talking Island or Giran server. But like all L2 or come to it all NCSoft games Versions they have become a pay 2 win and expensive at half the prices.