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(21/10) New: Guild Master Change Coupon

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by CM GodFather, Oct 19, 2021.

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    Are you the leader of a large guild and don't have time to play that often anymore? Still disbanding your guild and throwing away all the time you spent team building and bonding doesn't seem like a good option either?

    Now with the new Guild Master Change Coupon you can pass on the responsibility of guiding or guild to success to someone else.

    To change the Head of your guild you need to:
    1. Be the Guild Master.
    2. Buy the Guild Master Change Coupon in the game shop.
    3. Contact Support Service from the Guild Master account and Select the option "Change Guild Master". The change can only be made through Support.
    4. State in your request:
    - Guild Name
    - The name of the character that will become the new Guild Master.

    1. The service will be performed during the subsequent weekly maintenance.
    2. If you happen to change your mind, please remove the request before the ticket is accepted by the Support Agent. After the confirmation, the service cannot be cancelled.

    - This service do not cover blocked accounts.
    - There is no restriction of how many times the service can be used.
    - The current Guild Master has to apply for the change. Requests from other players but the guild leader will not be considered.
    - The new Guild Master has to be in the guild.
    - The name of the Character of the current and the future Guild Masters SHOULD NOT be changed from the moment he ticket is sent until the change is made.

    The list of applicants for the following maintenance closes on Tuesdays at 13:00 CEST. If the request is sent later than that, it will only be applied on the maintenance of the following week.

    Guild Master Change Coupon

    Account Bound
    Only the Guild Master can use the coupon!
    With this item, the current Guild Master can contact the support to use the service of changing the Guild Master.

    In the message, you must specify:
    - the name of the Guild
    - name of the character you want to transfer control to (must be a member of the specified Guild)

    The Guild Master is changed only during maintenance work on the server.

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    Price: €19.9