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New: Offline Vending

Discussion in 'Team Blog' started by CM GodFather, Nov 2, 2021.

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    The long awaited, the most requested, the community beloved Offline Vending is finally here!
    But wait a second, how do I set it up, you might ask. Don't panic, we have a step by step prepared for you.

    First you need the following item, remember that character from any class can use it.

    Enhanced Merchant Envelope (3 d.)
    A sealed envelope containing:
    Enhanced Merchant Envelope

    Rental period: 3 d.
    Weight: 1

    [Enhanced Merchant Envelope]
    Rental Item
    Account Bound.

    Merchant Guild document that allows you to hire an experienced seller. You can explore the game world or even quit the game - the hired salesperson will do all the work for you!
    - Allows to sell up to 4 items.
    - The store is open for the certificate validity period.
    - There is a commission of 5% of the value of the product for the sale of goods that are more expensive than 10.000.000 zeny.
    - After the transaction and in case of the closure of the store, items
    and zeny are recevied via RodEx
    - Only 1 store can be installed from one account.

    Weight: 0

    Then you are going to set up your shop, when opening the item a screen will appear that will allow you to set up the items that you want to sell. From this moment the item timer will start counting.
    After choosing the the items you want to sell, it is time to select where your merchant will will be located.
    There it is, you have set up your shop that will allow you to sell goods while being offline! The store will be open for the duration specified on the coupon.
    You can close you store at any time and reset your shop, but bear in mind the timer will not stop.

    Good Sales!
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  2. Panoramix433

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    Where can i get Enhanced Merchant Envelope (3 d.)?
  3. BlackZero500

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    Wanna know too. Cant find it in the shop.