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ERROR LOADING TO LIVE! (general protection fault)

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by ch3mical, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. ch3mical

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    [​IMG]have huge problem trying to play on live server. had erased lineage2 and 4game from computer, reinstall for clean one, done lots of things, such as repair lineage2 and etc. but when i start play icon on the 4game page it began to loading lineage and i get general protection fault error. this is 4game fault, becouse now i ca't connect to server, before that, everything was perfect. so support team, or players help me to resolve it! [​IMG] this is this error -----> http://imageshack.us/f/535/42535221.jpg


    problem solved by gm nemezida (support team).
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