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(11/11 — 17/11) Event: Stat Reset

Discussion in 'Game Events' started by CM GodFather, Nov 10, 2021.

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    Alongside with the massive update that just brought a mindboggling 13 new classes, we bring you the unique opportunity to
    reorganize your stats this week. The Great Alchemist was so kind to take this week off from his regular duties to perform stat resets for
    Rune-Midgardians in Prontera. But don't waste any time as he is a busy man, the Great Alchemist will only be there until 17th of November.


    In order to reset your stats you must:

    1. Find the Great Alchemist in Prontera (155, 285).
    2. Your inventory must have no weight
    3. Perform the rest.

    ATTENTION! You can only perform the reset once per character!