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[Contest] Guide: Feoh (StormScreamer) / 2021

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Tomaka, Nov 12, 2021.

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    [Contest] Guide: Feoh (StormScreamer) / 2021
    [​IMG]Hello, my name is Takame, Feoh Storm Screamer on Core Awakening server.

    This guide has been made for the beginner and middle guy into the Feoh class. As most of it applies to all Feohs.
    Feohs had a long supreme reign but has long been overtaken by others (tyrs/yuls), however Feoh can be extremely efficient in gear and farming.

    The Good, The Bad, The UGLY

    The good
    • Good solo and group farmer
    • Can do all instance zones solo
    • Will be taken into random (daily) parties
    • Will get a huge (~80%) damage boost in next major patch
    • Good defences, especially in PVE
    The bad
    • It cannot do as much damage as a Yul or Tyrr in same gear
    • Because of monster positions and you main spells being AoE, it can be hard with low gear (looking at you isle of soul)
    • Most people have a limit on how many Feohs they will bring in parties
    • Mana can be a problem early on in PvE or always in PvP
    The Ugly
    • You kind of need a Virgo (old agathion), which you cannot get anymore
    • You kind of need a Shiny Elemental Shirt, which you cannot get anymore
    • Magic Crit Rate is hard limited, which put a hard damage cap on Feoh.

    Race, Class, Ability points, Dual Class skills, Relevation skills

    Dark Elf statically has the highest INT, so per definition the best, however considering Chaos Essence (MAIN) in no longer in the L2Shop you are stuck* to the race of the specific Feoh.
    * This can only be circumvented by Red Libra with stone of destiny

    There are 5 Feoh classes, the general order (best in damage is);
    Storm Screamer > Archmage > Mystic Muse = Soulhound > Soultaker

    Ability Points (PvE - up to 112)

    Dual Class Skills (PvE)

    Subclass Skills
    Assuming your dualcass is level 105
    Either a Top-Grade or Expert Ayri or Earth Nymph (last resort: Churing)
    Do NOT spend your points on General quality homonculus.

    Skills, Skill enchants, Rotation, Macros

    Skills (+ enchants)
    Going over the most important ones for PvE
    Elemental Spike(Power) - Your main filler, also the "auto-attack" use this only if you otherwise run out of mana
    Elemental Crash(Power) - Applies debuff to the monster to the element you are using, use once or until it runs off.
    Updraft Destruction(Power) - This is your big dmg dealer, use on cooldown
    Elemental burst(Power) - This only activates when updraft destruction is applied, with this you "explode" the buff from elemental destruction.
    The thing is, you can also explode other Feoh updraft Destruction and other feohs can explode yours. Which will make your rotation abit clunky with more feohs in PT.
    Arcane comet strike(Power) - Only use this in a Mana burst window, or if you are very good on mana.
    Quadruple elemental blast(Power) - Only use this in a mana burst window, and even then its qeustionable, it takes forever to cast, and if it doesnt crit its useless. I only use it when there are more then 5 mobs to hit.
    Final Elemental storm(Power) - Relative low damage AoE, filler spell in AoE situations

    Ruin and Mass ruin(Pve = Power, PvP = Chance) - Important debuff, also for other classes, keep this debuff on the target
    Breath of Death(Slow) - low damage dot, only use single target

    Shadow Snare - Groups mobs on a certain place, can be macro'd by putting it manually somewhere first, then the macro will keep on putting it there. If mobs resist the pull it created an abnormal amount of threat, use with caution in higher places.
    Ultimate body to mind(Power) - Spam this thing on cooldown if mana hungry (WTB auto-use)

    Empowering Echo(Acumen, mostly for Oly) - Keep this on at all times, even tho it requires more mana
    Essence of mana - Free toggle (why? Dont know @Innova make it passive please)
    Wind Stance - Always keep it on, will be further explained under gear.
    Air Rider (Empower) - Makes you zoomzoom a bit, but better it can be enchanted with empower and is auto-useable so free dps upgrade.
    Crystal Form (recharge) - Auto-use it or do it manually when you know you need invincibility
    Burst Casting (Shield) - Big damage increase, most times auto-use unless to be timed with other damage buffs

    Single Target (outside Burst Casting)

    Ruin(keep debuff active) > Breath of Death(keep debuff active) > Elemental Spike > Updraft destruction > *Elemental Burst > Elemental Spike

    * If you are good on mana you can use Arcane comet strike and/or final elemental storm as filler. You want to this BEFORE elemental burst, because updraft destruction will increase the damage of these spells

    AoE (outside Burst Casting)

    Mass Ruin (on cooldown) > Updraft destruction > Final elemental storm > Arcane comet strike (if good on mana) > Quadruple elemental blast (if good on mana) > Elemental Burst

    Burst Casting
    Burst Casting will change a thing or 2, you have to know 1 crucial thing. Burst Casting will reset the cooldown of arcane comet strike (also when you first press it).
    So every few seconds you will get a reset arcane comet strike, use it on cooldown.
    Also try to do a quadruple comet strike in the beginnen, so you can fit 2 of them in the Burst Casting window.

    Single target will look something like this;
    Ruin > Elemental Crash > Updraft destruction > arcane comet strike > Mana burst > Arcane comet strike > quadruple elemental blast > Elemental Burst ---> go into normal roation until arcane comet strike if off cooldown.

    Obviously try to line up mana burst with other cooldowns, the best combination is Savagery + Abundance + Brooch buff + Burst Casting (+ Battle rhapsodie if available)

    Primarily i use 3 ingame macro's and 1 mouse macro. AoE with CC, AoE without CC, Single target, Mouse Macro Single target
    Ingame macro - AoEIngame macro - AoE with CCIngame macro - solo targetIngame (or mouse macro) **
    ** Out of testing, it seems that on higher places like Isle of Soul, spamming of certain skill over and over do better then full rotations, this is also easier and more effecient with mouse macro.


    Gear means everything in Lineage2, and its easy to say "just get the best" but there is some efficiency to gear, considering Lineage2 Economy is based on the weather forecast always look what is attractively prices.
    One important aspect for Feoh is that the weapon attribute has to match up with the Feoh main damage ability.
    Every Feoh has a "Updraft Destruction" version of their own with a specific element on it. Please match your weapon and "elemental stance" with this.

    For Storm screamer it is wind, so i use Wind Stance, With wind attribute on weapon. Your damage will increase consideraly matching these up.


    Below is my recommended beginner/middle gear to be of any use:
    This needs more text. Due to the changes in Sigils a 2-Hand (retributor) will always be better. It just has more M.Atk weapon damage and better bonusses.
    But Takame what about Dragon Weapons? Right i also fell into that trap, so let me tell you. A dragon weapon without gear to support it, is not that good.
    For Feoh (the ruski's made a nice comparison) is a bloody +16 R110 Retributor better then a Dragon Weapon Lv.1.

    WeaponBloody R110 Retributor 450 attribute, 3SA, +12 to +16 and build support gear first.
    SigilLeviathan Sigil - Enchanced +4
    Armor+10 R99 Bloody set (can also be ultimate/transcendence)
    CircletMinimum +5 Noble Wizard, best +5 Radiant wizard
    MaskMentee Mask (expert's mask) to +5, upgrade path Heirs Radiance
    BeltRulers Belt Lv.1
    Cloak The Exalted cloak will last quite a while, when you have the adena try to get an Aden Cloak+7 minimum
    Dye'sLegendary Dye Lv.5 - M.Crit damage, M.Atk, M.Skill power
    Accessories(in order)Blessed Valakas Mind, +6 Angel's Ring, Ring of Truth-Seeker INT, (blessed) Atlas'Earring, Lindvior Earring
    Jewels(in order)Greater Sapphire, Greater Blue Cat's Eye, Greater Opal, Greater Tanzanite, Greater Emerald, Greater Aquamarine
    ShirtYou can keep the Exalted for a long time, upgrade path could be a dragon rind shirt +0, yes +0 it only differs 1 STAT point and saves you ~20bil.
    BraceletWith the event Rim Kamaloka try to get a Lucien's Bracelet +10, otherwise superior kaliel's bracelet +5 (expensive) or the Exalted bracelet is good enough
    Talismans(in order) Abundance 1, Talisman of Longing, Venir 12, Sayha 7, Seven Signs, Talisman of Protection Lv.8 (or exalted Talisman)
    Seed Bracelet Exalted for a long while, then try to upgrade to level 3 Seed bracelet
    Charms (in order)Libra, Aquarius, Taurus
    Artifact bookThis is a money sink. This can cost more then your entire other gear at this point, so until you have all the above. Only try to get a Artifact Book lv.3 and all unenchanted artifacts for the books bonus.
    You either thinking "yoo thats alot of stuff" or "Lol, im way better equipped", if you belong to the first this is the rough priority list;

    Weapon > Armor > Dye's > Jewels(partly) > Accesories(partyl) > Talismans (partly) > Circlet > Belt > Charms > Artifact book > Cloak

    Specific events will supply specific items, wait for these events to use your adena wisely.


    If you need this guide, then do not think about PvP yet.
    Try to do olympiad to get the feel of your classes and other classes, and get some rewards in return. This guide was not means as olympiad or pvp guide so i will not go further into it.

    Closing Statements

    This guide has been made with my own experience in gear, skills and rotations to be useful in daily instances and session zones. I hope it helps you in optimizing and growing your own Feoh character. Thanks for reading.

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