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[Contest] Sigel Death Knight - The guide - By Lupins

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Lupins, Nov 15, 2021.

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    [Contest] Sigel Death Knight - The guide -

    Author: Lupins (Core)
    Last Update: 15/11/2021
    Game version: Master Class Update


    I. Introduction

    The Death Knight is the new class introduced with the Master Class Update. The Death Knight is a skeletal soldier, once a human knight who perished in flames trying to defend the realm against the dragon Valakas. Doomed with the undeath curse, the Death Knight will fight fiercely without fear to anything.

    The game defines him as an offensive tank, although I prefer the definition "extremely tanky damage dealer" since his damage output is ridiculous, even with basic equipment.

    II. Pros and cons

    + New class, with a fresh gameplay style.
    + Ridiculous damage. Even F2P players will be able to dish out acceptable damage.
    + Small number of skills. Easy to learn.
    + AOE farm without taking much damage.
    + Very cool creative design, with fancy special effects.

    - Only three customization options (flames)
    - Unable to change appearance or apply costumes or accessories (although you can modify sigil and weapon appearance and use transformations).
    - Not that cheap to gear.
    - Doesn't have as many damage mitigation skills for party members as the other tanks do.

    III. Character creation

    The only race that can be Death Knigh are male humans. It can only be chosen as the main class. You can choose from three customization options: red flames, blue flames or purple flames.

    Gets the human race passive skills:

    [​IMG]Aim: Fire/Water/Wind/Earth Resistance +5.
    [​IMG]Mental Fortitude: Debuff Resistance +1%.
    When Death Knight adds a dual class, the male human appearance is used. Dual class appearance can be modified in the Beauty Shop.

    Depending of the amor tier the death knight equips, his appearance changes:
    Stage 1

    Red flames


    Blue flames


    Purple flames

    Stage 2

    Red flames


    Blue flames


    Purple flames


    Stage 3

    Red flames


    Blue flames


    Purple flames


    The cloak will change with the different armor stages (doesn't matter which cloak is equipped):
    Stage 1 & 2
    Stage 3

    Equipping a shield won't display it.

    IV. Revelation Skills, Ability Points & Dual Class certificates

    Revelation Skills


    Ability Points


    Dual Class certificates

    V. Skills

    * Enchant to focus, range or time, depending on the skill.

    Physical Skills

    Physical Debuffs

    Toggle Skills



    Superior Adamant Will
    Superior Sword Mastery
    Superior Heavy Armor Mastery
    Superior Elemental Mastery
    Sigel's Defence Mastery

    VI. Gear


    Dragon Weapon Cutter (Stg. 3) > Dragon Weapon Cutter (Stg. 2) > Bloodstained Zariche/Akamanah Cutter > Overenchanted Bloody/Supreme R110 Cutter 450 Attribute > Dragon Weapon Cutter (Stg. 1) > + 12 Bloody/Supreme R110 Cutter 450 Attribute > Enhanced Exalted Cutter


    * Enchant level is important
    +10 Supreme Leviathan Heavy Armor > +10 Bloody Leviathan Heavy Armor > +10 Ultimate/Transcendent Eternal Heavy Armor > +10 Bloody Eternal Armor > +10 Enhanced Leviathan Armor > (+10 Blessed) Exalted Armor

    Note: Even without the passive skill, + 10 leather armor can still be good for pve in certain situations (because of the enchant bonuses).


    +4 Enhanced Leviathan Sigil


    +5 Radiant Warrior's Circlet > +5 Noble Warrior's Circlet > Blessed Exalted Circlet > +5 Warrior's Circlet


    Heir's Radiance Lv. 2 (or higher) > +5 Expert's mask


    Ruler's Authority Lv. 1 (or higher)


    +7 Legendary Elmoreden Cloak > +7 Elmoreden Cloak > Exalted Cloak


    Red Cat's Eye, Emerald, Opal, Ruby, Tanzanite, Amethyst

    Agathion Charms

    Leo, Aries, Taurus


    Talisman of Longing (or higher), High-grade Talisman of Abundance, Venir's Talisman Lv. 12 (or higher), Sayha's Talisman Lv. 7 (or higher), Talisman of Seven Signs, Talisman of Protection
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