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(17/11) New: Silvervines come to Prime

Discussion in 'Team Blog' started by CM GodFather, Nov 15, 2021.

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    With the great recent updates that have just come to Ragnarok Online Prime, we have another big surprise for you.
    The long missed and much loved Silvervines and are meant to stay!

    Important info:
    - With the Silvervines you can currently buy Premium Buffs from Premium Neko.
    - The Silvervines are already for sale in boxes in the Cash Shop, check them out
    - They are valued at 100 Silvervines = 1 Euro.
    - To be able to make your purchases, you need to have the necessaire amount of Silvervines on the same inventory cell.
    - The NPC Mergician [​IMG] can help you putting all you silvervines on the same cell.
    - There might be new functionalities to come, so stay tuned.
    - NOW With the Silvervines you can buy Kafra Shop items from Vexler (Prontera 146 102), bear in mind that he takes 20% cut as a commission for every purchase you make.

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