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NPC-Traders don't sell Spears?

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by Leviathanatos, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. Leviathanatos

    Leviathanatos User

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    I was looking for spear weapons in prontera, izlude and even comodo, but none of the NPC-weapon dealers was selling spear weapoins... the irowiki pages told me they would sell them..... where can i buy spear weapons? o_O
  2. -Barak-

    -Barak- User

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    Hi, you are right, at least in Pronteras weapon store there should be Pikes (3), but they aren't.
    Get some universal silver catalogues in Prontera to check the market and buy from other players instead...if you desperately need a spear-weapon now.

    On the other hand: You need Pikes (4) as knight, which are dropped by Wormtail (level 17) around Payon.
    And you need them as knight, not as swordman. As swordman you are better off with daggers (more aspd) or one-handed swords (more attack).
    As long as you haven't gotten the spear skills as knight, spears are useless to you.
    Same for a spear-crusader.

    If you go the vit-way, one-handed spears (like pikes with 4 cards) are your best choice together with a carded shield.
    In all other cases (agi-spear crusader) you use two-handed spears and spear quicken.