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Event: Recipe for Love. Messing with chocolate :(

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by Chofa, Feb 17, 2022.

  1. Chofa

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    Im having a hard time farming some chocolate "just started 2 days ago swordman 33/37" and I though I was using the right choices while making chocolate with the NPC "Witch Mint"

    But I cant stop getting Dollop of Chocolate so its obvious I cant understand the recipe or the choices I need to follow :(

    Could someone who understand better english explain in what order can I make chocolate without failing?

    Thanks a lot :3 hope you all have a good weekend with this event <3
  2. -Barak-

    -Barak- User

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    For handmade chocolate (75) / handmade white chocolate (75):
    Have 5 chocolate (the monster drop) and 2 milk (buyable from milk merchant in prontera south west) in your inventory.

    Choose the following answers, when talking to witch mint:
    1. Cut in fine pieces / Cut in fine pieces
    2. Mix and stir / Stir it
    3. Pour inside / Wrap chocolate
    4. Sign it or not, as you wish

    If you only want the headgear, don't make chocolate at all! Just collect a total of 100 white- or normal chocolate from the monster gift boxes and turn them in at the npc outside of prontera (south exit, 20 meter to the left). You can split em up as you want (aka 17 white+83 normal...or 55 normal+45 white).