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[Contest] Guide: Dominator (Overlord) / 2022

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by Mr.QrY, Mar 17, 2022.

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    Dominator (Overlors) guide by QrY
    Lineage 2 Essence EU PURPLE

    Table of contents

    *General information

    *General information*
    I think a lot of you know Dominator from the older chronicles, what were the pluses and minuses of them . In Lineage 2 Essence this class got some nice changes, that made this class even more interesting. I see that a lot of people use this class like alt chars for farming adena and etc. ,but i see more potential to have this class like main. It is a mage class, who is the most tanky of other classes, ofcourse this comes with some minues compared to other mage classes, like lower INT,WIT stats and etc. But those lower stats are not so bad compared to pluses you will get, when you choose Dominator, like huge p. def, endless mp, and full hp playstyle when farming :)

    Magic attack skills
    Basicly it's the first magic attack skill you will get to level up till 40lvl. The skill is with fast casting time, and a low cooldown, and with help of that skill you can forget using healing poitions, couse this skill returns 80% of your damage inflicted to enemy to your HP bar.​

    So this is the main nuke skill for you ,which you will get at level 40. The skill has a little bit longer casting time, but the same cooldown time compared to first one nuke skill. But this nuke is with better power and a power grows with your level, by learning next level of skill. Skill has the same HP drain percentage like the old one. So basicly when you get this skill you forget about the life Drain skill.​

    With this skill Dominator has a capability to do AOE farm. Skill has nice magic power, and a bonus HP drain for 10 sec. Skill has a casting time of 4 sec., and the same 4 sec. of cooldown. Basicly it's a game changer for Dominator in PVE and leveling in higher areas faster.​
    This skill requires 3 star spellbook that can be obtained in one of the following ways:​
    -EPIC raid bosses​
    -Special Craft (using Adena purge crystals,and other mats)​
    -Special Craft (using Giran Seals)​
    -Buying from people​
    -*Or have luck in Watermelon Fever Event and get last hit for Raid Royal Watermelon, which drops 3 star books.​
    *The event will last until March 30


    I won't put info about buffs that all classes have, only take those who comes with Dominator.

    A nice buff that will help you to lower the magic skill cooldown time.

    Helpful buff for PVE and PVP too, to lower the damage you take is always good.

    A little boost for your M. Skill Critical Damage.

    For those who wears Shields, it's a good shield defense rate boost.

    An extra (haste,acumen,ww effect buff)

    I call it the candy of the Dominator class,buff gives a big boost for your power.

    Gives more survivability in PVE and PVP by sacrifacing your MP,to get more HP.

    Nice little boost for PVP ,and Olympiad.

    A good boost for m.atk and p.atk

    A huge increase in defensive stats.
    Toggle skills
    A nice boost to your attack stats. Always keep this turned one.

    Huge boost for your p. def ,this skill helps us to reach Tank p. def count :)
    Passive skills
    Like any other class we have all main passive skills, but only some of passives makes Us different.

    Dominator have all the armor mastery's so you can wear the armor type you feel best.

    Our weapon mastery gives Us endless mana effect. Couse it absorbs % of inflicted damage and bring back it in MP bar. The skills starts giving Us MP from 76lvl. at start it gives only 1%, but when your skill level gets bigger,the amount of % gets better too.

    Okey if you are a new player and don't have any equipment i recommend you to buy: Adena Starter Kit from l-coin store.

    Whats inside?
    So basicly you will get everything what your char needs:
    A gr Weapon, A gr armor set, Talismans,Jewels,Agathions and some goodies for easier leveling.

    -Choosing a weapon
    First of all you have to think a little bit to future,what type of Dominator you are building: one who will wear a sigil or one with a shield.
    So if you will be sigil user u can choose between 1 or 2 handen magic blunts, but if you plan to be shield user then have an option only of 1 handed weapons.
    So choose wisely cause every change later will cost you adena :)
    What about enchanting?Augmentation and Crystals? - If you have extra adena +5 on weapon is always good +ss dmg or even higher if you have extra adena. Augmentation will be okey everything you will get that goes well with mage class (ofcourse if you will be lucky you can try to get top augments,like ss dmg,skill power and etc.), crystals : Hardin for m. atk%, Adena c.speed and third one is for you to choose ,maybe m.crit rate or m.crit damage i recommend to test for your self to see what fits you most.

    -Choosing armor
    Okey at this point i see only two options (but this class has all 3 masteries,so why only two options?)
    ,couse i don't see any pluses what comes from light armor that can be used for Dominator :)
    If you are a starter just choose a robe set like all mages do, but if you plan to play longer and you will want to farm in end zones like : LOA,Hellbound,OB i recommend you to choose heavy set. Why? Couse you will be tanky and have p.def that helps in end zones a lot...
    By choosing armor always try to get best what your adena lets you to buy. And in later game try to get all the top armors and parts like : IC or Flaming Set, Boots of Evasion and etc.

    -Choosing jewelery
    If you are a new player you will get a Valaka's Necklace like a gift, so keep it till you get a better epic.
    Rings and earring if you are a starter just buy TOI and DV jewelery and by the time try to enchant it to get some nice boosts. Later on try to reach for epics: like baium,aq and etc. they all give some nice boost,so when you build your char try to look what is more for your playstyle and what you miss most.

    -Choosing Dyes
    Okey in this moment i will recommend you to reach stats of WIT 40 as fast as you can,couse bonuses are very good for critical rate increase by 50. So recommend you to put +4WIT Dyes ,and put all stat points which you will get from leveling to WIT first :) Couse believe me you will feel difference.
    Later on when you reach this bonus all the other points give for INT or CON ,if you lack of m.attack put them on INT but if M.atack is good from your items You can try to reach CON 50 bonus that gives nice +200 p. def that comes handy too :)

    -Choosing Hats,Circlets,Cloaks,Belts,Pendants,Sgilis,Shields,Brooch jewels,Talismans,Agathions
    With those kind of items the rule is one: get as best as you can.
    -Till 40 level
    Like all classes just do quest and you will reach 40 level in 10-15mins :)

    -Till 76 level
    Follow the hunt zones from the quests you will get. You will start to feel some MP problems like all mages, and we don't have b2m skills, so the best tip is to use mele weapon and farm like mele, or use mage skills but in skill bar to put attack action shortcut (so you hit with magic attack and then one hit with your blunt) only those changes will help you to reach 76lvl more easily.
    -After 76, but till 85
    Ok your MP problems are over if you choose locations where mobs are killed in less then 5-6 magic hits.
    So till 80 level just be patient with those locations : Silent Valley, Plains of the Lizardmen, DV ,TOI 1-2.
    And when you reach 80 level go whatever place you want cause your MP is endless :)
    -85 and After
    I recommend you to try end zones and if you have Flame Burst skills that was mentioned before, try to AOE and see the power of Dominator :) Go for Orc Barracks, LOA and etc. where other classes need very good boost to make some decent exp-and you dont :) !Just keep in mind if you chose a path of robe user try to be atleast active when your char needs to rebuff,couse of lower p.def you will probably will be killed by mobs when you will rebuff your self. And for Heavy set users this rule is forgotten :)
    I think the best common pet would be Kookaburra cause it uses the same buffs like you, and can use mage items too (left overs from You :) )
    But for more effective gameplay and better exp i would recommend you the Buffalo pet ,cause after evolution it has mass agro skill ,which can gather more mobs for your AOE fiesta :)

    I Hope some of that info helped, or helped you to choose a class you will definitely fall in love :) Have a good time playing!
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