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[Contest] Guide : Sigel Shillen Templar

Discussion in 'Guides' started by iNastyyy, Mar 22, 2022.

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    Hello and welcome to Sigel Shillen Templar Guide.

    Short info about me:

    Server: Core
    Character Name: Nastyyy
    YouTube channel: Nastyyy

    You can find me on Core Server on nickname Nastyyy. I am a 13+ years player of Lineage 2. I got experience on most classes and used to play damage dealer. Since supports are underestimated and people chose mostly damage dealers for Adena (game currency) farm, I will try to come here with a guide where I will explain you how to break that barrier and play yourself a support (if is what you like) and in the same time how to chose a class that can transform itself on a semi damage dealer for you to have fun solo and to be able to produce something at last to sustain your consumables in game.
    You can find me on YouTube also if you want to check some videos where I try to show how some damage dealer handle in some instances. Will come up with a series of videos for Shillen Templar.

    Getting started:
    After game installation, when you open Lineage 2 Client you can chose your race:

    We chose Dark Elf class and personalize it as you like on hair, face etc and move forward in game:
    This point is very important for you, now you can become a mentee for someone who need. Usually at this stage some players are in town looking for new mentees, you have high chances to be random invited by someone and just accept if you don’t know someone in game higher than level 105 who can be your mentor.

    I strongly recommend you to accept it, and try to get also in a CLAN. You will have rewards later for joining a clan. These two steps are very important.
    Usually the player that is your mentor will invite you in a clan, if not you can join a Clan that accept new players.

    To join a clan follow these steps:

    Search the flag icon in down right corner and click on it[​IMG]
    Than you have to click on [​IMG]

    A pop-up window will appear with a lot of clans, a part of them are “Public” a part of them are “By request” (that means they need players with gear or high level or both). If you have any preferences chose your clan and apply to enter.
    If not you can simply click on level and organize them to join the highest level opened to public clan (is important that clan should have a big level so you can benefit more from skills which a clan provides you).
    If you joined a public clan, welcome! Now you are a part of it, try to be polite, ask for help if someone can provide it to you and try to cooperate with your new clan members.
    After completing these two steps “Mentor” and “Clan” you can get to work:

    Leveling from 0 to 85:

    As I think you already observed, you will appear in town of Gludio and NPC Tarti will request to speak with you. Follow the quests that are pretty intuitive until first step when you have to chose your class specialization at level 20.

    Here is the class choice take a good look and chose the path of a Palus Knight. You should take care on this step, if you chose other specialization there is no other way to come back!

    At this step congratulations! you are a Palus Knight! Now is the time to learn first skills based on your first class path. Search in bottom right corner the icon [​IMG]. Click on it and a pop-up window will appear. Click on each skill so you can learn it up.

    Now is your first contact with two type of skills:

    • Active Skills – You have to press them to work
    • Passive Skills – Applies statuses to your character and trigger skills
    *You can search Chuna's post about Siegel here on forrum where you have skills detailed in case you need them!

    I will not detail too much this part since every skill have his own description which is intuitive and easy to understand even if you are a new player.

    Instead of basic skills from character I would like to offer you an overview about two important skills that can be obtained with coins from shop or via market with adena.

    -Forgotten skills

    1. Forgotten Power – Armor defence.
    2. Forgotten Power – Elemental guard.
    Take a close look on them since are very important in late game. And they offer impressive statuses.

    We move forward to our adventure and follow Tarti's quests until we get level 40. This is the second time you chose your next specialization. With care you go on the Shillen Knight path. At this point you will get some rewards as a new armor set to equip and your first R grade weapon and a bunch of new skills. Press TAB command to open your inventory and open the gifts.

    Congratulations! Now there is no other way you can avoid this path.

    Simple follow the quest line to level 76 when is your third class specialization and you become a Shillen Templar, you also get new skills which will be soon replaced.

    Again follow quest's from Tarti and reach level 85 and chose the last class change to Sigel Shilen Templar.

    Dear friend, if you are here you deserve congratulations!

    Now is the time for you to understand what are your character stats, what you must do and what is important for you:

    Character stats:

    In the down right side you will find a head icon [​IMG] click on it. The next window will show you all the information that matter.


    • HP - Your health,
    • CP - Your shield when you fight other player, not available when fighting with monsters.
    • MP - Your mana which is consumed to use skills.
    • P.Atk - Your power of attack
    • P.Def - Your power of defense
    • Accuracy - Your accuracy when you hit a monster or player (it has limit and must be there to minimize your fails for attacks)
    • Evasion - Your evasion versus monsters or players hits.
    • Critical - Every hit has a potential of higher damage when a critical hit occurs. This influence your critical rate which also should be up to 500 where is the limit.
    • Atk.Speed - Clearly the speed with what you hit. For fighters it is up to 1500
    • Speed - Your character speed or how fast you run.

    The right side is not important at this moment, it is for Mages and basically is the same but for magic attack. It can be later a subject for a new topic.

    Basic Stats

    In order to increase your stats, one of the best option is to know what you have to increase in basic stats tab.
    • STR = Strenght applies on P.ATK and P.Critical Damage
    • DEX = Dexterity applies on P.Accuracy/P.Evasion/Atk.Speed/Critical rate.
    • CON = Constitution applies on MAX HP, HP Regen, Weight Limit, Shield Defence, and if you plan to swim a lot in this game well it increase your Lung Capacity
    • INT = Intelligence, applies on M.ATK and M.Critical Damage (is like STR for fighters)
    • WIT = WIT, applies on M.Accuracy, M.Evasion, Casting speed, M.Rezistance and M critical Rate.
    • MEN = Mental increase your Max MP,MP Recovery,Magic resist to debuff and Magic Resistance for incoming damage.
    • LUC = Luck, applies when you enchant items increasing your success rate, also it can trigger a passive called Lady Luck. That cute lady offers you 100% success rate. One more nice property is that if you suffer a fatal hit (to die) it can trigger up and save your life, I rarely saw it, but is good to know is there.
    • CHA = Charisma basically applies a small part to all other basic stats. So 1 CHA = 0,23 of 1 STR + 0,23 of 1 CON etc.

    Attribute Attack/Defence

    In order to have attribute attack, you have to chose a class specific element and imbue it with your weapon. On the other side, to increase your attribute defense you have to imbue attribute stones in your armor.
    Here the tings are more complicated a bit, I will let yourself have an overview of some basic zones for farming so you know how to protect yourself and also have the necessary attribute attack so you can kill monsters.

    These tabs provide you with best overview of your character so I suggest you to track it constantly.

    Ability points:

    Ability points is a system that help you to improve some paths. These three main paths are:
    • Defense as Knight
    • Physical Attack as Warrior
    • Magical Attack as Wizard
    Find and click on [​IMG] that pop-up another window where you can see the three paths upper mentioned.
    A pop-up window will appear where you have the paths mentioned above

    Until you are able to join other guys and have a group to grow up, I recommend you to go on Warrior path.

    You gain a point of ability each time you level up, in first phase put them in Warrior tree on P.atk, Attribute attack, and so on.
    You don’t fight with skills so I recommend you to put them in P.Critical Rate, and P.Critical damage.

    After you manage to do level 85 you will gain upon awakening two Chaos Pomander:

    You can teleport in Tomb of Souls, zone that belong to Talking Island Village and find NPC Monk of Chaos, he will teach you two skills that can protect you in two scenarios

    1) Undying Will
    2) Disparition

    Both are useful for PVE, PVP.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For tank I suggest you to use them both of them.

    Leveling from 85 to 105:

    Now the fun part begin. You have to follow a bunch of quests to get at level 105 and to escape yourself from mentee status and to get some rewards!

    Maximize ability points to P.atk and normal critical damage, and get into business by starting the quests. When you get teleported speak with NPC and take your quest, than get into a group of mobs and start killing them to get your target level 95. Each level rewards you with skills + ability points. Learn skills and use ability points to maximize your damage. Equip yourself with items you get from quests so you can perform well against mobs. At level 95 you will be sent to take other quest and teleported to a bigger region, where mobs level match yours. Do that quest also and try to stay in that region until level 101-103 for how much you can.

    Best xp is on white monsters because is no penalty, if the color of monsters when you get it in target is not white they can be the following:

    • Dark Blue -Monsters levels are -9 than yours so, high difference between you and monster level, the monster is just too small for you to get proper XP - experience and Adena
    • Blue - Monsters levels are -6 so is still too small and you have a slightly better XP but not Adena.
    • Green - Monsters levels are -3 lower than your level but not bad if you can't XP on white ones yet. The monster rewards you with XP-Adena a bit less than white but ok.
    • White - Perfect for your level range you can go to kill them, no penalty and does not influence your XP - Adena
    • Yellow - Monsters levels are +3 levels higher level than you, if you can kill them quite easy go ahead, there is no influence in Adena and slightly better XP.
    • Pink - Monsters levels are +6 higher than your level yours which is a problem, they hit hard and die harder. You should avoid them.
    • Red - Monsters levels are +9, now it become pointless to try fight them, you will just die.

    If you manage to get from Bloody Swampland 101-103 than is the time for you to find a group and as tank go to Abandoned coal mines.

    To get to this instance, you have to find on the clock with two swords in right side of [​IMG] click on it than chose the instance what you need.
    I recommend you to get in a group of players (party) to have a decent farm there. In no time you will be 105 and you will finish your journey as mentee. Now you can become a Mentor.

    Now is time for you to understand your journey in this game. Think on you as a support for your party, it is not you that have to kill monsters anymore. Your main task is to protect your party, to help them offering protection and stability and mobility. You have to switch to defense ability points. Try to maximize P.Def + HP

    Dual Class Specialization:

    Other important aspect of game is dual class. When you reach 105, you will be guided to do a dual class which in our case the best should be a damage dealer for you to have a chance later to do some basic instances and gain more Adena

    I recommend you to do Tyr Titan since he can level up without many items easy to 105 level. When you finish 105 level you can go in Town of Aden to Dual Class Master and get as reward Certificates of leveling. They can be exchanged for awesome skills at the same NPC. From 85 to 105 you get 7 certificates. I suggest you to put 2 certificates in learning the Cooldown reduction skill, 4 in P.Def basic skill and 1 in HP.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Leveling dual class to 110 will provide you 3 more skills, but you should think to go 109 at last because at 107 and 109 you get two certificates with what you can get two more skills:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    At level 105 I strongly recommend you to get at last the pack from L2 Store of 20 Euro and equip yourself. After you can purchase in Einhasad Shop 50 scrolls to safe enchant your set to +10 for awesome statuses (100% scroll). If you can’t afford other weapon purchase 12 enchants for weapon also from shop and do it +12. Total costs for you should be @50-70 Euro and you will feel a strong difference.
    At level 100 you can start to do a solo instance called Kastia’s Labyrinth in Town of Aden:

    A solo instance what gives you nice XP + consumables which are a strong part of the game
    Freya Ice Rose, Dragon Glowing Attribute potion and Honey Dark Beer. Try to match your best category in level and go in higher the level, higher the reward.

    We spoke about basic equip but I will let you know some useful items for your tank and if you like this game and think to go further you will have to spend some amounts of real money in order for you to get in line.

    For leveling past 105 you need proper gear. A build for tank should be think as for future, so better save more and purchase a item that cost a big amount than try to evolve one by one, you will end with higher adena spend and same result.

    Let’s take it one by one!


    If you think for further investment, set is priority number one of tank.
    • R99 Ultimate Heavy set +10+Shield (give’s you PVP/PVE resist)
    • R110 Leviathan Heavy set + 10 + Enchanted Shield with three options:
    a) PVP – If you think you will go with CP to some randoms fight, Olympiad etc.


    b) PVE – If you are a farmer and you need better resist on mobs
    c) Supreme – You will have both but considerable less money in wallet.

    I would chose R110 because you can put Attribute def up to 3x 180 element resist for each part (including shield from last update). On R99 you can go up to 3x 120 and overall is a huge loss in attribute def.

    Hair Accessory:

    There is no doubt that your goal is to get top items, but to be decent in past 110 zones I strongly recommend you to have at last these two items:

    1)Radiant Knight’s Circlet+5 2) Heir’s Radiance minimum level 2

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Other suitable are Navari’s Mask but in my opinion is not worth the investment unless you are lucky and you do it by your own ++


    Here things start to be a bit complicated, you have to think if u afford to take a dragon weapon would be best choice, since with a proper equip you will be limited to 150.000 HP without a dragon weapon.

    1) Dragon Cutter / Avenger. Important to pass the 150.000 HP limitation.
    I personally use the Avenger since Cutter price is insane and has no other benefit on tank than look (which by the way I like avenger more)

    2) Enchanted Exalted weapon +12 (is a viable choice if you can’t afford dragon weapon due to a good augument on it from exalted pack set.

    3) Enchanted – Bloody- Supreme +12+ weapon R110 (which I don’t recommend due to high price and HP limitation.
    Is worth only if you focus to farm some instances and chose a solo mode boosting P.atk. Is not a good choice since you are not a main damage dealer but depends on your pocket it is suitable for a build.


    Are a important chapter of your character and with first description of semi damage dealer tank. Dark elf has a huge kill potential and you should invest in three good dyes. There are more options but again each have their advantages and disadvantage

    1)Legendary Con Tattoo lvl 5. +5 STR +1 Dark resistance +25. Is a good dye but limited, since you can use 3 sets but only 1 of +25 dark resistance is applied. And maybe the best disadvantage is that you lose 5 when you remove them.
    2)Minimum two sets or three of Legendary Dye Lv.5, I would chose to go on the following dyes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And I think most relevant is P.Crit Damage for standard attack:


    Why to use the option 2 ? Simple you have a lot of killing benefits + HP bonuses from CHA and maybe most important -3% recived damage from 3x Dyes.
    Also you don’t lose the dye when you remove it so you can remove and put them on dualclass and so on without any consequences.

    3)Other Dyes of Legendary STR +5 etc which I won’t detail cause are pointless in my opinion.


    There are plenty options depending what you choice, or even combo’s. I will mention what have a good synergy and you will chose whatever you like, or based on your budget.

    1. Tauti’s Ring [​IMG] – Great for -5% pvp dmg receive, cheap on market.
    2. Angel Ring +6/+8 Level 3 [​IMG] - That’s one of must have on tank, Level 3 offer’s you 50 Attribute Def.
    3. Dragon Ring +3 [​IMG]– Is an impressive item, but also it cost a fortune.
    4. Fallen Angel Ring + 10 [​IMG]– Good for you if you want more xp, and to farm better solo, not great for PVP.
    5. Baium [​IMG]– Queen Ant[​IMG] + CON – If you can’t have a combo mention upper, you can chose for the moment one of those two + Exalted ring from pack. Is a good start

    1. Bless Antharas [​IMG] + Attribute defence / P.def - This item is a must on tank, depends on your overall attribute defense you can adapt and move to P.Def, else I recommend you to use Attribute defense
    2. Angel Earring [​IMG]+6 – 8 Level 3. – On level 3 you get 5% P.M def. A good item for tank also since it give’s -3% Magical Damage, and -3% Critical damage from basic attack.
    3. Dragon Earring[​IMG] +3 – Top earring for tank, very expensive.
    4. Fallen Angel Earring [​IMG]+ 8 – Better than Atlas Earring but only if +8, Expensive at the moment for tank.
    5. Blessed Atlas Earring [​IMG] – 2% P/M.Def and Attribute Defence 60, cost you nothing than time to do mentee’s and if you can’t afford any from above is not a bad choice.
    6. Any combo including Exalted Earring from pack + one of the above.

    1. Angel Necklace [​IMG]+8 – Good item since it give’s you 3 % P.M Def and +1 CHA.
    2. Blessed Valaka’s Necklace[​IMG] – Good if you want for solo farm to maximize damage. Not a great choice for tank since no defense status.
    3. Dragon Necklace +3 [​IMG]– Good for tank but also expensive.
    4. Exalted Necklace from pack. If you can’t afford any is a good start.

    Three suitable options depending on your budget, not much to write since is pretty simple.

    1. Ferios Cloak - [​IMG]+5 +10 +15 – Depending on your budget I recommend you this cloak for it’s boost’s
    2. Nevit’s Cloak of Light [​IMG]– You can purchase it directly with coins is a good cloak that give’s you statuses + attribute defense
    3. Exalted Cloak [​IMG]– Free after completing second exalted quest, Attribute def +10 on each element and +1 statuses good for start.

    Depending on your budget you can chose multiple belts here:

    1) Ruler’s Authority level 1 – 2 – 3, Level 3 is the top item in game, give’s you a lot of protection
    2)Chief Monkey Belt – Give’s you good stats and not so expensive.
    3)Clan Hall Level 1- 2 Belt also not top but decent
    4)Exalted Belt from pack – other cheap belts, decent for start


    Few options here but better the level better the result. I recommend you to have the following:

    1) Superior Seed bracelet level 1 – 4.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2) Bless Exalted Seed Bracelet from pack.

    Agathion charm

    Tank need two main agathion charm equipped on Seed Bracelet.
    1)Taurus from +5-10 / Greater Taurus - Huge P. Def Resist and if equipped in first slot HP increase
    2)Gemini from +5-10 / Greater Gemini – Huge M.Def Resist and if equipped in first slot Debuff resistance.

    Depending on your budget there can be some others equipped if you got a Superior Seed Bracelet higher than level 1

    3)Pisces +5-10 / Greater Pisces – Bow/Cross Bow resist, ok for PVP not a must for PVE.
    4)Sagittarius +5 – 10 / Greater Sagittariud – Dagger resist, ok for PVP not a must for PVE.
    5)Masia’s Guard Agathion Charm + 8 – Good p.def but hard to do

    For solo farming to increase your killing capability you should have two agathions:
    6)Leo from +5 -10 / Greater Leo – Increase P.atk a lot
    7)Scorpio from +5 – 10 / Greater Scorpio – Increase P. Critical damage on normal attacks.

    I prefer to have the following combo on me so I can switch to dd and go to do my instances. Taurus + Gemini + Leo + Scorpio. Simple and efficient.

    Brooch + Jewels

    This is a very important part on tank, Brooch give’s you a great defense / attack or both combined if needed.

    I recommend you to have minimum level two of La Vie En Rose’s Brooch so you can equip 5 Jewels.

    -Each jewel can level up by compounding with other jewel same level or Jewel - Energy from level 1 - 5 with chance.
    -Two level 5 = 100% compound rate or 1 level 5 + Shiny Jewel Energy with chance and result a Greater Jewel.
    -Greater jewel can go with chance to lvl 5 and two level 5 G.jewels have 100% compound rate or 1 greater jewel level 5 + Enchanted Shiny Jewel Energy with chance for Superior Jewel.

    • Tanzanite – top for tank since it give’s you shield + HP recovery if higher in level
    • Diamond – Increase P.Def
    • Opal – Increase Attribute Attack/Defense.
    • Emerald – Increase all Statuses
    • Pearl – Increase M.Def
    • Obsidial – Increase PVP defense.
    • Vital – Increase xp gained in or without vitality state.
    • Others (Ruby, Red Cat’s Eye, Cat’s eye) to increase fighting capabilit
    Higher the level of Jewel give’s more statuses so depending on your budget you have to chose whatever suit you better.

    Artifact Book and Artifacts

    Like to previous items depending on your budget you can go up to have Unique artifact book +5. If not I recommend you to use at last level 3 Artifact book which can be purchased from Artifact Merchant Alexandria in town of Giran

    Then fulfill your Artifacts to have the bonus from book which are a must for tank.


    Take care on what artefacts you buy, because you can’t have two of the same type. This is one of the most chapter in game so I will let you check the market and get a better overview than I can explain.
    Important is to take all blue artefacts defensive and increase them level by upgrading artefacts option in your inventory based on your budget. I will recommend you to have:

    Blue – Defence:

    Artifact of Max HP- in case you have dragon weapon level 1
    Artifact of Attribute Defense – if you don’t have dragon weapon lvl 1
    Artifact of P.Def
    Artifact of – Recived P. Critical damage.

    Brown – Balance:

    Artifact of P.Def
    Artifact of M.Def
    Artifact of Attribute resistance (can be purchased from Alexandria at shop)

    Balance artifacts can be put in order to increase your fighting capability but that is a matter up to you, usually same as previous items. P.Atk – P.critical damage on normal attacks. Or just random’s just to have different ones and fulfill the slots.
    I recommend you to think in advance and take the good ones.
    And some special artifacts that are expensive but they are incredibly good for us.
    The artifacts can be obtained by trying your chance or just trade for 100% chance.

    Artifact Balance of P/M. Defense
    Artifact of Received damage when immobilized
    Red – Attack

    Artifact of P.Critical damage on basic attacks
    Artifact of P. Attack
    Artifact of P.Skill power / damage


    Mainly there are two Bracelet’s that can be equipped to help you gain extra defense and to open slots for other items.

    Lucian’s Bracelet – Can be obtained only in event and give’s you 10% P.M defense if you manage to make it during the event time. Is not tradable and can’t be augumented.

    Kaliel’s Bracelet that can be upgraded to until you have it +5 or more Superior Kaliel Bracelet.

    First bracelet you get it from server and enchanting it to +5 with Kaliel’s bracelet scroll (with chance) will give you the opportunity to upgrade it to Blacksmith.

    • Trading +5 bracelet + 12 Crystals of Down will result in Greater Kaliel’s bracelet + 0
    • Enchanting +5 Greater Kaliel’s bracelet will give you the last upgrade possibility.
    • Trading +5 Greater Kaliel’s bracelet + 38 Crystal of Dawn will result a Superior Kaliel’s bracelet.
    • Enchanting +5 Superior Kaliel’s bracelet will provide you awesome statuses + in near future the possibility to augument it.

    Superior Kaliel’s bracelet has good statuses for tank and in my opinion is top.

    Opens all talisman’s slot.


    -Longing Talisman

    It can be upgraded to Insanity Talisman by compounding two Longing Talisman’s with a certain chance.

    -Insanity Talisman
    It can be upgraded to Heavenly Talisman by compounding two Insanity Talismans with a certain chance.

    -Heavenly Talisman

    The higher the talisman you get better statuses.

    -Seven Sign Talisman

    It can be upgraded to Epic Talisman by compounding two Seven Sign Talismans with a certain chance.

    -Epic Talisman

    -Talisman of Protection

    Starting from level 1 to 10 by compounding level 1 with Energy of protection with a certain chance. Failing compound until level 5 will result with level 1 Talisman of Protection
    After level 5, the fail will return your talisman to 5 again. I recommend you level 8 because is easy to do and give’s you good defensive statuses and attribute resistance.
    Compounding two Talisman of Protection level 10 will result to a Enhanced Talisman of Protection, a very expensive item and rarely seen.

    -High grade talisman of Abundance level 1- 4
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    -Sayha’s Talisman

    There is no minimum level for Sayha’s Talisman but the higher you have is better. Can be obtained by compounding two of the same level or by compounding with Sayha’s Energy / Blessed Sayha’s Energy with a certain chance.
    In my opinion you should get at last level 8 because you get the skill Sayha’s Support which provide you 20% instant hp recovery.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If possible, level 10 is a great choice but pretty expensive.

    -Other Talisman’s with limited time

    Fortress HP / Defense Talisman 15 days

    High-grade Talisman of Skill Cooldown P/M.Def 30 days

    Collection items

    It is a long list so I will let you to take a closer look and chose what you afford to complete. There are good statuses but expensive ones so I will let collection at the end of list for the moment.

    Leveling from 105 to 110.

    Now is the time for you as tank to stay in groups, find a constant party with same people and have fun. The solo hunt is mostly over, you will need strong equipment to be able to farm solo. The 105 tank with a healler in party can keep up easy a spot in Tannor Canyon at 108 level. So from 105 level to 107 you have to go in party, and to benefit from daily time zones as much as you can. If you have proper equip you can tank with no problem other high zones but that depends only on your budget.

    But first let’s talk about Macro Chapter, a really important chapter in team play, which can lead to all or nothing.


    To create a proper macro you have to understand your role and to learn some game mechanics first. Using multiple skills on a stand position to collect monsters, to debuff them, to root them and to not move from spot can be a key to for your party to survive or to die.

    On down right side of client you have the three bars button click there and find Macro.
    A pop-up window will appear and you will have to click on Add

    In the right side at Name go ahead and put any name you want as example (Attack, Stand Agro etc)

    Think what you want to do. Usually a tank stays in one place so the important part comes if you create a simple macro by dragging and dropping skills from skills tab, you will run after monsters and that can cause problems to your party. In order to stay in a single spot we have to create a Stand macro.
    The macro’s can be delayed so it will take a while until the skill will be pressed.

    I will show you how to use Agression skill on a normal macro so when you drag skill it will appear like /useskill Agression.

    [​IMG] In order for you to make your char to stay in one place you should manually write after /useskill the word stand so your final version will be /useskillstand [​IMG]

    When you want to stay in a place you want to drag your macro in Auto-hunting so you will not target other mob to run to attack it with normal attack so follow my example by dragging and dropping the macro from macro panel to Auto-hunting


    Now you can get to some more technic macro’s I will put some examples of some of my macro’s. First for stand in a spot, second for running between two chars/pets.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    You can drag skills from your skills bar (F1-F12 or any other) and play with delays so it can activate a skill at what reuse you want.


    We are done with this chapter, you can do a lot of macro's based on what are your preferences and needs.

    Getting back to farming, switch your ability points to defense (I put a model for 110 Ability points Knight tree)


    From now on your field farm must complete with instances and daily instances from NPC Bentusa from Aden with your group of friends. Now it will get harder for you to level up since needed XP for level will increase strongly


    Why Sigel Shillen Templar is a semi damage dealer?

    I will focus on main aspect's that can guide you to be a good semi damage dealer when playing solo. You just can't compare him with a cannon glass Yul Archer or a beast like Tyr Tittan. He is good if you want to have some farm and not wait only party's in town. You can still do stuffs and all solo instances with this build, if you add more like Forgotten Attack 30 - 31, game will change for you.

    Passive Skills:

    Here I would like to talk only about the “difference” between tanks on passives. The main reason is Grand Shillen Shadow:

    This skill is different on Shillen Templar from others tanks due to his attack capability and the main passive that arise from this skill "Shillen's Presence"
    Although is a small chance to activate it (only 6%) it enter quite good you will see it. Also activate for all party members so is a good boost for solo/party mode.

    Active skills:

    Shillen Templar got few skills to be considered good in PVE, two skills as cubics, from which best is Hex Cubic and Templar's Frenzy skill that is with limited time.

    This Skill for PVE is impressive, have a good landing rate and help’s you a lot when solo farming.
    Second is not so intense for PVE but auto sustain is always good to have no matter what you chose to do, to be solo in party, sustain in this game is a very important part.

    Beside HP recovery, the passive that arise from this cubic is really good when you PVE on a higher area and mobs avoid your main defense skills or you have longer cooldown and you need some extra help.

    Most important active skill is Templar’s Frenzy, since is the only boost skill for proper farming on solo mode I suggest you to enchant it +20 on time as soon as possible, if you mostly play solo. Chose the time path since it add 20 seconds of god mode on tank.



    For PVE solo and in party, tanks are most useful for the following skill:
    I strongly recommend you to do a habit from activating it when you log in.

    Enchant route for this skill should be on Proteciton. The Shilen Templar Aura give’s you 10% P.M.
    Atack which is one of best Aura’s for party when xp and help’s you a lot for solo farming also.

    Other toogle that is useful for party and solo farming on groups of monsters is the Provoke Aura. Also useful in town :) because you get some extra speed.

    If you can handle to have more monsters on you, simply activate it. If you have problems in defense than keep it off.

    As I will guide you in the following steps, which I consider to be one of most important path on your character.

    Special Augument:

    Try to get the following augument on other weapon R99+ grade.

    You can get it with the following stone


    This augument is a incredible cheap boost for your character and allow you to do some solo instances also like Kastilia’s Labyrinth, Kamaloka from event pretty easy.
    Is a must for your PVE solo mode so try to get it as soon as possible

    If you are not active all day long, try to do the following macro for a smooth farming mode.


    To understand how it work’s you have to see the bar also from which macro is made.


    But the logic is simple.
    1. Equip your other weapon with augument,
    2. Delay the running of macro with 1 second
    3. Use your skill from bar/active skills (the augument)
    4. Delay the running of macro with 1 second
    5. Equip your main weapon
    6. Cast the Hex cubic
    7. Delay the running of macro with 1 second
    8. Cast Death Cubic
    9. Delay the running of macro with 1 second
    10. Cast Brooch skill if you have it minimum level 2 (for p.atk)
    The buff from augument “Giant’s Critical Damage” is up for 5 mins, but for safety reasons I like to have a smaller reuse time in my case I want the macro to be up at each 290 seconds so I have it perma
    For a smooth macro I suggest you to have it on a skill bar activated and the auto hunt window to be clean with next target and normal attack.
    I don’t say there are no better macro’s but for me this one work’s perfectly so I have the cubics up and also the augument. Here is a free choice so whatever you think it work for you just test it and use it.

    Ability points:

    I have attached the print screen with what I use when I go farm solo. For pure example I get points for level 110. (but if you are not 110 or close, just follow the first steps of points for normal critical damage [P.Crit damage])

    If you get some other main weapon auguments for normal attack 20% Critical damage on dragon weapon or 17% you can be a mid range damage dealer with easy success on all solo instances and solo field.


    At this point I think the topic starts to be irrelevant, you got the main info’s and you have just to construct them and do your way to level 120, also I strongly recommend you to have patience, to allow yourself time to develop some tactics, to understand better game mechanics and to have fun.

    I hope my guide will help you in your journey as a new player and will provide you useful information to understand the value of your character and the power of solo farming mode that is hidden behind defensive skills.

    Good Luck my friend and thanks for reading my guide!

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  2. paguu

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    soo many wrong things ...
    for example: overenchanted weapons for tank are you kidding me ?! Calling ST semi dd just rolf, ISS/AEORE are more DDs than him ...
    And 1 more thing you must mention somewhere that this so called guide is for MEGA donators
  3. iNastyyy

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    Hi paguu, thanks for feedback, but is not a precise one i guess, since i wrote "3) Enchanted – Bloody- Supreme +12+ weapon R110 (which I don’t recommend due to high price and HP limitation.
    Is worth only if you focus to farm some instances and chose a solo mode boosting P.atk. Is not a good choice since you are not a main damage dealer but depends on your pocket it is suitable for a build."
    Also i have explained the guide with minimum of 40 euro investment in bless exalted set from server + exalted weapon. About damage dealer it is clearly you don't have any ideea how i can farm with a medium geared SK. If you play this game with 0 euro investment than is not probably for you, even on mobile games you have a checkpoint where you have to spend some money. Read it carefully and you will understand the topic. Thanks!
  4. paguu

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    with same adena worth equipment ISS/AEORE will do more dmg than sigel ST that was my point and its tested on 110 lvl mobs with 110 sigel st/ISS dc/ AEORE SS
  5. iNastyyy

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    paguu, I agree with you, but also partially, since if you put this equip on a tyr warrior farm's better than feoh + iss + aeore + tank together. Is all about tastes and how you want to build your character. If you enjoy playing tank, you can still do some stuffs on solo farming. I see tank as a support with farming capability if really needed but not as a main dd that's why i call him a semi-dd.