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[Contest] Attribute system ( Spirits) for new players,simple and quick info 2022"

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by LittleDwarfie, Mar 29, 2022.

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    Hello All! I'm LittleDwarfie from server PURPLE.


    *First of all Attribute system starts to work from 40lvl.

    There are four type of spirits:


    What they do? And why they needed?
    Every Attribute spirit gives you stat points for chosen stats.
    You can put them on stats you need most : Attack, Defense, Attack critical rate, Attack critical damage.

    In our Lineage II world every monster has its own attribute element. So that means a monster has a strong side and a weak side.
    For example monsters in "Plains of the Lizardmen" are water attribute monsters, so what does it mean?

    That means a monster hits you by a original damage + water attribute damage.
    And have a weakness for wind attribute damage.

    *So that means hunting Lizardmens you need to put all defense stat points on water spirit , and for attack ,to put all points on attacking stats on wind spirit, and make it in use.
    So in this kind of attribute spirit use ,you will get less damage from monster and will give more damage to him. So always read the attributes in your hunting grounds.

    How to get spirits stronger and what it will give?
    Every spirit can be leveled to 5 star and 10lvl. For every star and every level your spirit will get stronger and get more stat points than before ,that you can use to boost your self . For example the difference between 1 star 10lvl spirits and 5 star 10lvl spirit. (by the way the animation of spirit changes too :) )

    *How to level up your chosen spirit?
    -It's easy just turn on your spirit in use and hunt the proper monsters :)
    -And if you are hunting in Cruma Tower you can be lucky and get attribute ores, that will give certain amount of exp to your spirit in Drain funcion by absorbing those ores.

    *What to do when my spirit reaches 10lvl and i want to go to second star?
    -Well this is the part when you will need to spend some adena :( in the upper part you will see Evolution tab. So push it and get all items needed for evolution : Evolution stone and some adena, every Star requires more and more resources, so choose your spirit leveling visely :)

    *Where to get those evolution stones?
    There you have some options for doing that :
    -You can buy it from other players.
    -You can get it like drop from monsters (TOI Death Lord)
    -You can hunt solo raid bosses
    -If you are lucky you can get it even from Random craft system
    -Ooor be lucky to get it from loot boxes, that comes sometimes from our great team :)

    Attribute system in PVE and PVP
    *So the tip for PVE i think its understandable : Go all attribute points on attack stats for your mob weakness attribute, and all the defense points on spirit that will defend you from monster attacks (like i mentioned excample about Lizardmen monsters).
    *What about PVP? For PVP my tip would be: Choose one attribute spirit wich will be your attacking power, and all other 3 spirits put on defense, cause you don't know wich spirit your enemy uses. So using this tip you will have 75% chance that you chosen a right spirit for defense and right spirit for attacking your enemy :)

    Some tips that not a lot of new players know :)
    *I was lucky and i got a Earth spirit evolution stone from solo boss, but i need Wind one for my evolution, what should i do?
    -A lot of you would say : just trade with other players your stone for the needed one. YES that is one of options, but there is another option if you have spare 600k adena you can go to Attribute Master NPC , and change your stone for needed one :)

    *I have leveled my spirit to 2 stars and 10lvl, but don't have adena for evolution what should i do?
    -I think we all have this problem in higher levels, couse for 5 stars spirit evolution you need a lot of stones :( so my tip is to use Extraction from your 10lvl spirit one time. With this tip you will get chosen attribute fragment.
    So after extraction you spirit will be 2 star and 9lvl. You say what's the point of de-leveling your spirit? You will get more time to farm and save adena, and for attribute fragments you can buy some goodies that will help you to level your spirit to max lvl again,or even to help leveling other spirits too. And you can get some goodies for better attribute damage,attribute ores and etc. This oportunity is again gived by Attribute Master NPC.

    SO i Hope that this Guide was helpful for someone who just started or even and old player who didin't know some parts of this Guide :) See you all in game :Whistling: