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[Contest] Guide: SoulTaker / 2022

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by ElvenWind, Mar 30, 2022.

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    *General information

    Hello,as we all know soultaker was a nice class since the start of the game, Until know, Althouigh these days this class got some nice Changes, First and most Basic Imo is that Death Spike ( the main Nuke Skill) dont cost cursed bones anymore, so from basically this class was only for rich ppl, Now any ppl can play it, Lets go to their Skill Tab


    Death Spike

    asdasdsadasdsa frrr.jpg
    Thats the Main Nuke skill of Soultaker, You learn it at lvl 44, With this its like the Bread and Butter, you can nuke mobs to death and with Fast Cspeed and Much power.
    (Also on this update cursed bones arent used any more for this skill)

    Dark Burst is a New Aoe Skill, with this you can Kill Easy mobs on Aoe Or make trains and kill them, But be careful. His cooldown its much bigger than death Spike. You cant spam it same way.

    Anchor is your Basic Debuff Skill , and is Especially for 1v1 fights.It paralyzes the Enemy for 3sec, but before this it make him slower and slower 3 seconds before paralyze.it's cooldown is big too.


    Curse Fear is also a debuff skill,It makes the enemy turn around and run The other way
    and make him completely useless. he cant use skills or attack or anything.Though it lasts for 3-4 seconds maximum, but it earns you some time to Nuke him or Heal urself so you can
    get back in fight.


    Sleep is also a Debuff Skill It makes the enemy ''Sleeping''. that means he still stand and cant use anything, Until ofcourse you attack him and wake him up.Its good to earn you sometime heal yourself and get back in action, Or try and use some debuffs for free.(P.S. On this new patch also sleep gets an update on Heavy sleep that is a little better, but its book is hard to get though)

    Magic Wound is a new debuff Skill, Its like Curse Gloom if u guys remember,It curses the enemy and reduces their mdef by 25%,its pretty important skill and used to start a fight as a first Strike Skill.so your next nukes attacks more.So try to always have this debuff on Your Enemy.

    As soultaker, You can summon your own pets Like reanimated man , Cursed man or corrupted man,they do some dmg but the most use of them is to combo them with ur Transfer Pain Skill ddd1111.png .This is a very important skill for soultakers. actually you it makes you much tankier and half of the dmg you get, it get transfered to the servitor.IMO my favourite skill as soultaker.Never forget to have it open with ur pet also.

    -Choosing a weapon
    There are 2 types of weapons that can be used for Mage classes, 2 handed Staffs. Or 1 handed mage blunts.2 handed staffes are more offensive option and you can combine it with a sigil for even more offense,1 handed Blunts can be combined with shield for a little survivability more, But you will have less M.attack.its your choice if you wanna go to offense or defense.IMO i use the 2handed staff style, Cause as soultaker you are tanky enough with Transfer pain, And the Extra M.Attack will help you land your Curses, like Anchor and Fear more easily.

    -Life stones and Augmentation.
    on both weapon and sigil or shield you can add lifestones to augment them and get more stats , there are a lot of options and a lot of augments,So try get something that fits your needs.Also on weapons you can add soul crystals. For my soultaker i use soul crystals For Cspeed, M.Crit Rate, and a hardins soul crystal that gives me more mattack overall. The limit is 3 Soul Crystals per weapon. Also soul crystals can get lvled up, so the bigger the LvL. The bigger the reward and the stats.

    -Choosing armor
    For mage classes like soultaker, you can only go with Robe Armors.They give you stats like Cspeed WIT , INT and MEN, a nice MP boost but they lack pdef(for example a heavy armor have much more pdef than a robe armor).At first levels you can go with karmian robe set. Cause of the Casting speed boost.After you can aim to get an A grade Robe armor and finally you can try and farm a Flaming Robe set Boots of evasion Helmet of mana e.t.c (P.S. Armors can be augmented too with the proper lifestone)P.S.2 Soultaker is a tanky mage from himself cause of transfer pain, so you can go offensive style and still be tankier than other mages.The Amors is use is Flaming tunic and Stockings, Helmet of mana for the Drain mana on hit Passive. Majestic Boots and Gloves for the Extra Cspeed.(you can go for Stun Gauntlents too on the glove spot if you can afford it) Also a little tip is to try go overenchant(+5 or more )your Boots for the Reduce Cooldown Passive.Skill cooldown is a must when you combine it with Max Cspeed items. I explain it later.

    -Choosing jewelery
    Jewels help you get your Magic defence high.But some jewels tend to give stats also .For start i suggest go with DV earring and try enchant it, and later in the game try farm or buy some epics, Like AQ ring Orfen and Zaken earring and e.t.c Choose wisely what fits your needs.

    -Choosing Dyes
    thats an easy choice for mage classes. I used all my Dye slots for WIT+ dyes, IMO wit is the best stat that a mage can have, it gives cspeed, mcrit rate, m.evasion and much more. So for dyes try go for as much WIT as you can.
    Also on 50+ wit you get the Second WIT special Passive skill that Reduces Cooldown by 10%,if you do the maths, with 10% cooldown + if you was going to kill 1000 mobs on 5 hours, you will kill 1500,So its maximum worth too and it gets more valued with max Cspeed.

    Choosing Hats,Circlets,Cloaks,Belts,Pendants,Sgilis,Shields,Brooch jewels,Talismans,Agathions
    my Opinion on these is to try and get the best you can , I play with Circlet of hero +4,cloak of protection .Talisman of Aden, Eva,Speed,Venirs. And all agathions, The most enchanted they are. the more the stats you get from the obviously.

    -Till 40 level
    Like all classes just do quest and you will reach 40 level in 10-15mins

    Till 76 level
    Follow the hunt zones from the quests you will get. You will have some mana problems but Body to mind help you get your mp Back so just spam this nuke and B2m and you will be fine, View attachment 50221 Good Areas Are Plains of Glory, and After Silent Valley, Thats the path i choose.

    After 76, but until 85 fdf.jpg
    Imo with my toon i get to Silent Valley again until 80-81+. Then i Go To plains of lizardman. You can stay there for easy farm and good adena For levels like 86-87-88. OF course you Can try DV , Or Toi 4-5 floor.But Honestly i think lizardmen is the best option. P.S in some cases for most safe Farm, You can try Cruma tower, if you kill the middle tower and get the Aoe buff. Farm there is fine too.

    85 and After 85+
    Here you can go and perma Farm at DV,Saturdays and Sundays mobs change new1.png and farm is even better,Get a fine spot and sit there for these 2 days atleast 4sure., Exp is nice and adena too, And after 85 you can kill the mobs on Decent time there.That is what i did. Also Special hunting Zones should be used every day on cooldown cause they help a lot leveling.on Side quests, and on Ancient Adena farm.

    PETS: Soultaker ofcourse has its own pets. But still you can have 2, For second one Kookabura,This pet is specialized in magic skills and it is combined perfect with mage classes.If you use The Magic Wound debuff too Pets dmg will get increased cause it use Spells.Trust me its hard to level it. But when you do ,Your kooka will get max Worth and you can farm a lot faster. Give it a shot if you are lucky enough to drop one .

    I hope my Guide Help Mage and Soultaker players the most . I put a lot of effort in it
    and i like to share my knowledge with New players so they can choose a class, or perfect their Mage class.Soultaker is Also a class specialized on 1v1 Situations,but sure he is very nice on mass fights and Farm too.
    Have fun with your Toons, and see you ingame, Much love to everyone and stay safe !
    P.S i would love to ADD more photos and Thumbnails to help players understand even better, But sadly i had limit on the thumbnails i could add. Anyway i Hope everyone understands and if someone have any questions more, Feel free to drop me a message . i Will be glad to help.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2022