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[Contest] Guide: Dream Dungeon / 2022 (Vanguard Patch)

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by BjorK.L2, Apr 3, 2022.

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    o_O What is dreamland dungeon?

    The Dreamland Dungeon is an instance that can be done weekly with a group of 2~10 level 76+ characters.
    It is not necessary to be in a clan.

    o_O How do I access Dreamland Dungeon?

    To access the Dreamland Dungeon, go to the NPC Dream Priestess located in the center of Aden and click Enter the dream.
    To have access to Dungeon, you need to be in a party with at least 2 characters and everyone in the party must be at least level 76+.
    Characters can only enter once a week.


    :) Exploring the Dreamland Dungeon:

    There are 4 different Dreamland's Dungeons, each with different monsters and rewards (the images used in this guide are from the Draconid Fortress dungeon). When talking to the NPC Dream Priestess in Aden you will be randomly directed to one of the 4 available Dungeons.
    From the moment you enter the dungeon, you will have up to 1 hour to complete it.

    *There is also a secret dungeon which will be explained later.

    The objective of the dungeon is to kill 4 monsters with green titles to gain access to the boss located at the end of the dungeon, but all monsters inside the dungeon have a chance to drop rewards.


    Each dungeon has 2 different bosses. The chance of each of them appearing is 50% and they have different difficulties and rewards.


    :Thumbsup: Cat Guild's Lair:

    When you kill all the monsters inside the dungeon and the boss, there is a small chance that a cat-like NPC will appear that will take you to a secret dungeon called the Cat Guild's Lair.


    This dungeon works the same as the previous one, aiming to eliminate the monsters with a green title in order to gain access to the boss.
    But be aware that the 1-hour deadline to finish the Dreamland Dungeon is added together with the deadline to finish the Cat Guild's Lair dungeon.


    ;) Dream Orb:

    Upon finishing the dungeon, you will be able to claim the weekly quest that will give you the Dream Orb. With it you can create more rewards through Special Craft.
    Each account can earn up to 2 Dream Orbs weekly. One for completing the Dreamland Dungeon and one for completing the Cat Guild's Lair.


    Server: Lineage 2 Essence EU - Ruby
    Nick: BjorK

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