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2022 - Start - Investment - Leveling - Farming

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by SmooshSmoosh, Apr 6, 2022.


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  1. SmooshSmoosh

    SmooshSmoosh User

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    Hello all, my way of warrior start 4-5 months ago, so i am also little bit newbie. And i did many mistakes. Also learnt a lot! And i would like to share my experience with you!
    This guide is more of a summary, details and explanations can be found in other guides.

    START = how to start your way correctly. What char to choose!
    INVESTMENT = how to spend time&money efficiently.
    LEVELING = tips, quests, zones.
    FARMING = time/adenas/exp

    START: Recommended characters
    IMPORTANT - try more to learn what is suitable play style for you. Don't buy a Sylph Pack before you find out! (The pack which contains Necklace of Valakas - you will rly cry later without it!)
    There are no mana potions! Mages are more expensive = spirit shots.
    Every character has all self-buff skills, some of them has advanced ones.

    Orc Mage - DominatorTanky, Drain life, Advanced self buffs
    From level 76 - 1% Mana drain from DMG, 80 = 2% and so on.
    Doesnt consume so many spirit ores for buffs.
    Orc Mage/Archer - War CryerOne Shot mobs (low/mid zones - till zone level 78-80), Advanced self buffs
    Need good Bow - A Grade (Shyeed). Same mana drain as Dominator.
    Can be played in both ways.
    Doesnt consume so many spirit ores for buffs.
    Blade DancerAdvanced self attack buffs, Drain LifeCan use Bow, 2H Sword, Sword, Blunt, Duals (passive att boost)
    Shilent Saint (Dark elf cleric) - MageAdvanced self buffs, Drain Life buff, Unlimited mana - recharge skill (66 lvl)
    He does DMG little bit lower then pure mage, but have skill which refill mana and drain life buff = sustain.
    Doesnt consume so many spirit ores for buffs.
    Kamaels (Archer, Fighter, Meele-Mage)Great sustain - endless mana due to passives.New race transformations: Light = Drain mana / Dark = massive DMG boost
    Other characters are great and better in terms of: Farming, AOE Farming, DMG output - but needs much more investment to WORK PROPERLY!!!!
    If you do not use the full potential of the character, then you do not farm and exp as you could.

    INVESTMENT: L2 has always been about money, but for working ppl it is an advantage!
    In the 4Game store we can get free chests!! Like Sylph Pack...

    1. 4 Game store - free chests. But some items cant be transferred between chars even within account!! Like Valakas neck.
    2. In game L2coin store: you can find there a nice boosts but what i recommend - price/efficiency (exponential boost, must have for fast game-play) is ADEN STARTER KIT: https://l2central.info/essence/items/96968.html
      1. Except Red Lantern everything can be transferred within account.
      2. You will be able to do lvl1 - 70 in one day!
      3. Price = 9500 L2coins - for this price you will never get so value in any other way!
      4. Can be bought for each char on the account
    3. L1K = 1000 L2coins / L8K = 8000 L2coins - if you open the bought pack, so L2coins cannot be sold!!! for adenas. You can only sell un-opened pack in game!
      1. Dont buy P2W random boxes from events - sell boxes to players to get adenas (IG currency).
      2. Buy and try luck if you are ready to spend 100+EUR.
      3. All the time check their prices in game (player stores) before you sell. Players buy low and sell expensive in offline stores. Real price is in the middle, find out!
      4. DONT BREAK YOUR farming gear by enchanting!!! (I invested to new players over 1B Adenas - not all of them were worthy :/)
      5. USE your brain, this game isnt for noobs!
    DONT FARM/EXP without SAYHA [​IMG] (resource for mega boost of EXP and Adenas income). Sayha's Cookie/Blessing/Pots can be farmed or bought in IG store. Right panel IG.
    1. Follow Quests from - lvl1 to 52 it like 1-2hours. (with Aden starter kit)
      1. Mostly performed in DION
      2. Also you will get all needed basic items
    2. From certain level all next quests are managed by High Priest in ADEN (After Sea of Spore)
    3. ALT+X --> Special Hunting Zones --> Transcendent Instance Zone = the place where you get most EXP in 10min - daily. And staff to increase your SAYHA
      1. One of you main attack skill will be changed to AOE/Boost - it has changed frame/mark in icon - USE ONLY transcendent-ed skill!!!!
      2. Use all EXP boost right now and here (scrolls, potions, lamp recharge boosts - most of them remains for 20min - so immediately go to your exp spot.)
    4. ALT+X --> Special Hunting Zones --> Elmoreden Tower = the place where you get most EXP in 60min - daily, but its hard. Recommend make party of 2 or ask for help some advanced player.
    5. Within time when you are in-between quests - just farm and exp in most suitable zone for you to reach needed level requirements.
    6. In level 76 you will get access to most of special hunting zones and all are great!!!
      1. Primeval Isle - nice exp, easy mobs, farm for = Sayha potions. Daily
      2. Forgotten Primeval Garden - nice exp, average-high mobs = Weekly quest, drops Talisman of Speed!!!!!
      3. Training Zone - top instance where you can try out your strategies, builds, get exp, adenas in 60min.
        1. Choose wisely according to your power the spot/monsters - NPC
        2. Choose and experiment with special powerfull buff - NPC (Can be changed also inside - same NPC are there)
        3. Use NPC to move you into instance and enjoy! (Same NPC in instance can you move back where you choose spot/monsters
        4. DONT DIE THERE - or its over! Daily


    Follow recommended zones based on you level (its displayed when you use teleport to that zone).
    Figure out where you get most exp/adenas in 10min = ALT+X --> Restart, pop-up
    Acquired XP and Acquired adena are the POINTER of efficiency. After 10min - just press "Reset" button and move to another map/location.
    Why i am talking about? Because kill difficult mobs who give most exp and adenas doesnt lead to the best income and leveling.
    Significant factor = Time vs Killed mobs --> use brain :)

    This is the end of fast tutorial. I am preparing SERVICE - The Leadership and IG management. I will offer my personal support/care/advises based on type of service.
    In terms of Time and type of mentoring. What will be included:
    1. Game Play advises&leadership:
      1. Leveling / Farming
      2. Gear (which and how to get)
      3. Help with difficult zones to get exp/adenas (DD or Support character)
      4. Character development
    2. Investment:
      1. What to buy
      2. How to spend real money in game efficiently!
      3. Explanation of IG economy (Prices, fluctation, etc.)
    3. IG World:
      1. How to avoid problems
      2. How to enjoy the game in all aspects
    Most of all INFO is explained in other guides so check it! Some ppl did great work there.
    As a Father my time is limited and rare. So services wont be free! BUT NO REAL MONEY it is forbidden i will accept L1K, L8K box based on amount of ordered services and time-length (Day, 3Days, Week).
    I will specify all needed information/rules here to be all clear so stay tuned.

    SERVICES: TBD (no time now)

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