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[Contest] Guide: Harnessing the power of standard attacks

Discussion in 'Guides' started by miixa, Apr 6, 2022.

  1. miixa

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    Server: Core
    Character: B0ff (with zero)

    This is will be a short, but hopefully helpful guide for those who started recently or those who play for a while, but can't afford to invest a lot of Adena into Skill build.
    This guide covers multiple classes that are viable users of standard attacks (auto attack).These include, but are not limited to:
    Wynn Summoner (any), Ertheia Eviscerator, Tyrr Warrior (any), Iss Enchanter (any), Tank (any).

    Main premise
    : Since Masterclass Chapter 2, the damage for standard attacks was increased by approximately 300% (3x, or to be more precise, around 2.7x).
    Normal (standard) attacks were neglected for years, since they weren't as effective as skills were.Now that have changed, lesser gear players can take an advantage of that and make a decent build to help them level up faster, do instances easier and more efficiently and increase their quality of life in-game better.

    For the purpose of this guide, I will be sticking to items that cost under 20 billon Adena (each).So we can focus on the lower geared players.
    To take advantage of standard attacks, we'll be focusing on 3 main stats, which are:
    Physical attack, Physical critical damage for standard attacks and Critical rate.
    Attribute is also very important, but this is whole another vast topic and we'll leave it for another time.

    We'll start with the more basic things.

    Ability Points:
    Your ability points should look something like this (this is on a lv110 character), but can be used as reference on lower (and higher) levels too.


    Dual class skills:
    You need to level your dual class to level 105 to learn all 3 skills, but you can start gradually, learning them in succession on earlier levels.For example you can learn Dual Certification - Berserker's Rage at level 95 Dual class.

    1.Dual Certification - Berserker's Rage

    2.Dual Certification - Physical

    3.Dual Certification - Death

    For rings, you can go with various setups, but I'll cover the cheapest ones here.

    1.Paulina's ring - Critical Damage (this one you get for free from the newbie quests).
    2.Queen Ant's Soul Ring (this one is rather cheap, can be found under 1 billion Adena and gives 15% critical damage and 20 critical rate).
    3.Baium's Soul Ring - (same as Queen Ant's Soul Ring in terms of price, but if you have to choose between the two, get the Queen Ant's Soul Ring).
    A better setup is:
    4.Ruler's Ring of Authority (+20% critical damage, +5% p.atk).
    5.Earth Wyrm Hearth Ring (+20% critical damage).

    Earrings that give you critical damage for standard attacks are not cheap, so I'm covering just the cheapest ones here.

    1.Atlas' Earring enchanted to +12
    This one you get for free when you graduate as a mentee, but it needs to be enchanted to +12 to get the full bonus of 5%.This is done by leveling up 12 mentees of yours.This will net you 1 200 000 Mentee Marks.With these you can buy Scroll Enchant Atlas' Earring from the Mentor Guide npc in every town.

    2.Angel's Earring enchanted to +6
    This one is barely worth it's ~3b, since it gives only 1% power of standard attacks, but it's the cheapers.The better one is the following.

    3.Lindvior's Earring - +10% critical damage


    This one is also hard, but a good starter choice is:

    1.Blessed Valakas' Necklace - +4% p.atk, -10% skill cooldown.

    You can start off by using the dyes you get from the Exalted Quest chain, which give you +3 STR each (total of 9).Ideally you should get at least +5 STR ones.STR directly affects your p.atk, so the more the better.

    Here you will go with the +5 Warrior's Circlet, that's given to you as a gift from the Exalted quests.Ideally of course you want a +5 Radiant Warrior Circlet, which gives not only +5 STR, but +7% p.atk, +50 critical rate, +10% Critical damage, among other useful bonuses.

    For starter belt you can use the belt that's given as reward for finishing Exalted quests at lv 105, which gives +3% damage or you can just buy a Nurka, Lidia or Gustav belt for 300-400 million Adena.This one gives you +5% damage (this % damage affects both standard attacks and skills).

    Agathion charms
    Here you want to go with Scoripo (critical damage) and Leo (p.atk)
    These give you higher bonus with every level of enchant, but a +5 one is a good start and not very expensive.Usually under 1 billion Adena each.

    There are a lot of options here, but the best one for the money will be to make your Enhanced Exalted Weapon +12.
    This will cost you around 6b (depending on Einhasad's Coin price).These Enchant Enhanced Exalted Weapon scrolls can be bought directly from the Einhasad's Store in-game for 480 coins each.They don't fail and you'll make your weapon +12 with 12 scrolls.

    Every class has a passive skill that gives you bonus p.atk when you equip a sigil.You can use any sigil, but ideally you want an Enhanced Krishna Sigil, that will give you 2% additional p.atk

    Brooch jewels
    These are expensive, if you're on a tight budget, stick to lv3 Ruby, lv3 Red Cat's Eye, lv3 Emerald, lv3 Opal.The Red Cat's Eye is not free, unlike the other 3 jewels.You can buy one off the market.

    Currently you can buy a talisman called High-grade talisman of attribute attack - Critical damage for basic attacks.This one costs under 100m for 30 days (as of time of writing this) and it gives you +10% critical damage and +70 attack attribute.

    Stick to the Dragon Shirt you get from the exalted quests, until you can afford Dragon Rind Leather Shirt.

    Artifacts are great for increasing your stats, but they are also expensive and you'll need a level 3 Artifact book to take advantage of all the bonuses possible.

    When you get lv3 artifact book, you need to fill all of it slots to get the book's bonuses, but try to get at least +4 Red artifacts for P.atk, Critical damage for standard attacks and Attribute attack.

    Forgotten Skills
    Forgotten Skill - Physical attack
    This one you can level to lv5 with only Adena and it will give you +3% p.atk

    Revalation Skills
    For these you want to learn Savagery, which will give you +10% p.atk for 1 minute.There is another option, but we won't discuss it here, since it involves altering your Ability points and that might not be ideal in this case.

    There are many more items and skills you can use to boost your stats for standard attacks, but I won't cover them there for a reason - trying to stay within low budget for this guide.
    Hope this helps someone in their journey.
  2. Mariusz

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    Earrings that give you critical damage for standard attacks are not cheap, so I'm covering just the cheapest ones here."

    and later:
    1.Blessed Valakas' Necklace - +4% p.atk, -10% skill cooldown.

    and at the end:
    There are many more items and skills you can use to boost your stats for standard attacks, but I won't cover them there for a reason - trying to stay within low budget for this guide.


    if you are saying that for those warrior classes, much much cheaper option is Enhanced Octavis Necklace Warrior that is giving +3% patku and -10% skill cd (only on physical skills but for example all Tyrr skills are physical including Berserk buff etc). So the only difference is 1% patku less, but instead of 30B or even more cost is around of 1B, maybe 1,5B
  3. miixa

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    This is true, and if you look closely, it's a typo. Meant normal Valakas neck, since the blessed one gives +10% patk.
    The Octavis neck warrior is indeed cheaper anyway.