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[Contest] Guide for World Trade system / 2022

Discussion in 'Players Guides' started by EsencitA, Apr 6, 2022.

  1. EsencitA

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    Hello all ^.^
    I'm EsencitA from server Purple.
    I didin't saw a guide about World Trade system, so will try to give all info for those who don't know how to use it and try to show the pluses of this system :)

    (<World Trade system>)
    So it's a new system that let's Us to trade (buy/sell) items between Our servers.
    This system works only with l-coins, so sometimes when you don't want to open boxes or sell L1k or L8k ,you can basicly spend them on getting items.
    That was a "dream" system from the begining, but finaly we have it!

    ~How to use this World Trade system?~
    So you can use this system only from level 40.

    So in the right side of your screen you will see this icon. So the system opens when you push this icon.

    When you will open ,you will see a window like that. As you can see this window has almost the same sections like "Private store Review".

    ~How to buy an item from World Trade system?~
    Just choose a section where is your wanted item.
    You can look for it manualy or do a search by puting the name or atleast few first letters from name of your wanted item. This is very comfortible couse you can check the prices of your wanted items and buy a cheapest one :)

    ~How to sell an item in World Trade system?~
    Again open a World Trade system. In the right upper corner push this "Check My Trade" button.

    After you push it, you will get a new window, with a left bar opened with your items wich you can sell in system.

    Choose your wanted item for sale, and in the right side you will see the same name item what is for sale in this system, so will help you to decide a price wich will be most effective for selling and item.

    So when you compared the prices of the same item, it's time to input your price and get an item for sale :) As you can see you need to pay taxes for using this World Trade system ,there are two payments wich you will need to pay: first one is a adena fee for putting or selling item and the second one a fee of l-coins if you sell an item.
    *Ye sometimes i think about those taxes that it's terrible but on the other hand ,if you like l-coins currency for your sellable items it's the best thing that could ever happened, couse bye bye alt chars who were sitting with shops in city, they now can farm and bring some adena to us :)

    So when you decided a price, just push "Auction Item" button, and thats all!!
    *Don't be scared - your sellable item disapeared from inventory, now item is in World Trade system :)
    You item for sale will be available 14 days, you don't need to do anything it will be available to all players 24/7 ,so you can sell your item even if you are offline, don't need to leave your computer over night to sell an item :) Ofcourse if you decide to keep an item for your self or you want to change a price you need just to cancel the sale (don't forget if you want to change a price of item, you will need to pay a taxes for new selling again )


    So a good luck for selling items, and gaining some extra L-coins from your items that you don' need :) by the way when you will sell some items, the icon in the right corned will apear, just push it and you will see a button near your sellable item that will say : "Bill payed" so just push it and l-coins are in your inventory :)

    Little trick ^.^
    By the way, if you have spare items in other server or have some l-coins left and want to transfer them to your main is very easy ^^
    *Just put that item for sale in World Trade System for the lowest price you can, and buy it in different server with your main :)
    *Or do the same with l-coins, just sell trashy item like hp poition with your main ,and buy it from other server where you have l-coins left overs . Yes in this tip you will loose some adena and k-coins from taxes,but its easiest and cheapest way to transfer them to your self ^.^ GL players!!!