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should I trust RO gravity and 4gamer?

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by GPLuna, May 9, 2022.

  1. GPLuna

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    I have been burnt before by gravity and ro and ro2, is there any point in playing ro prime, with the track record of the developer and publisher? Or am I just going to be stabbed in the back again the moment I get comfortable or spend money?
  2. Petite vache

    Petite vache User

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    Stabbed in the back, was hoping the game would be nice but their business model is all around whales (so you will have **** gear if you don't spend *a lot*). And even if you are able to whale by spending thousands, you'll find yourself on a very small server with few active people, and it might close basically any moment the company feels like it's not making enough money.

    I was incredibly enthusiast at first, spent some times playing, pretty much right at the start. And then I saw the shop updates, the economy of the game, and even the most popular maps have their player base getting low. Also I saw many many bots when I played, like, tens or hundreds, every day, depending on the map you're playing on. Reported many, never got a response, and kept seeing them over and over again.

    So yeah, I would strongly advise against this server. I am now just checking the forum sometimes to watch if it's still dead and which pay2win gears are now in sale exclusively on the cash shop.

    Oh yeah and also we got a tons of pay2win gears account bound at the time. Like, you couldn't even try to buy or sell them on the market. Not all of them, but still many.

    As a former fRO player who felt incredibly sad after the whole gravity thing, I was hoping this would be better here, but : no. Also, yeah, awful game company, many people warned about it when the server started, and it's exactly what seems to be the case.