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"Questions to the developers' team" update

Discussion in '2011 ~ 2017' started by Cheers, Jun 22, 2012.

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    Dear Users,

    Here comes a portion of questions that have been answered by the Developers at NCSoft (Korea). enjoy!
    (nb: spelling and grammar were left unchanged)

    Question: new tauti's weapons have been added in the tauti update with 450 of dark attribute (the highest attribute value in the game). Why not add 450 holy attribute to the holy hero weapons as opposed to the tauti weapons?

    Answer: Tauti Weapon is exception to general item system/structure(Immortal, Apocalypse, Fantasma, Hellios). Currently monsters in GD has high resistance to Dark and to make balance of this highest Dark attribute 450 has been applied to Tauti Weapon. We will be considering about applying 450 other attribute as well.

    Question: some not very successful features seem to be recurring throughout updates. for example, hp, hp regeneration and overall stats of both dragons (valakas and antharas) were significantly increased in the freya update, and as a consequence players were not able to defeat the bosses up to high five part 4. now we have the same situation. that is too hard to defeat the dragons in the goddess of destuction: awakening even if 200 people of level 99 with top gear challenge the boss. there are no reasons to spend so much time killing the boss and get just 1 blessed armor or weapon r99, 1 rare soul crystal for 200 participants of the raid. this should be changed. do you think there is a possibility to alter it?

    Answer: Apart from balancing the world boss raid, the rewards will be completely renewaled with Lyndbior(sorry for spelling..it's new dragon). This renewaled rewards will be worth enough to be a raid with uncertainty even with 200 people.

    Question: in harmony update you increase orbis temple quest stages 6 times. it's impossible to make even the 1st stage of the quest in russia. do you have plans to decrease requirements to change stages of the quest?

    Answer: Soon all the zone quest including Orbis Temple will be renewaled with appropriate requirements and rewards

    Question: a new epic boss trasken the earth wyrm has been added in the god chapter 1. players can enter the raid zone through an npc daichir in town of schuttgart. just one question about it: why did the fights for trasken become impossible? that is impossible to fight for a boss in a peace zone.

    Answer: Earth Wyrm is desinged to be a raid to be enjoyed by as many Users as possible and this is why we have located the NPC in peace zone. We have changed the location to PvP zone for Russia as requested

    Question: for some reason craft is getting more and more complicated. there seems to have been added an enormous amount of materials for the blessed items craft, e.g. 176595 weapon parts to craft a blessed specter weapon, etc. we think it has a negative effect on the revival of craft.

    Answer: We have unified the materials to resolve the fact that former materials are not used at all in R Grade. Weapon parts for example, are used in all Grades including R Grade(S, A, B...) and therefore the value of 1 weapon parts are set to be very low in values. We are to revive the craft by provding more place to earn materials and reducing the supply of the equipments.

    Question: when will such parts of the game as fishing and lotteries (lottery ticket sellers at mdt or towns) be reworked?

    Answer: We are planning to renewal the Fishing with Manor renewal. Lotteries are not planed yet.

    Question: what is the benefit of battle form transforms for kamael wizards? this race skill suits for kamael fighters only.

    Answer: Current battle form for Kamael is affected by physical attack power and stats are set for warriors. We understand that wizards have lower physical attacker power compare to warriors so they are not efficient as warriors. We will consider to change this in next update.

    Question: there are plenty of different hair accessories and hats in the game client. why are players left to wear such a small number of hats with stats? what if a player does not want to wear rabbit ears or demon circlet? it would be great if everyone could put any pendant he/she wants into any hair accessory or hat. for example, pirate hat with +3 str pendant or 10% m.atk.

    Answer: This we also higly agree. However, this is difficult to resolve with current structure of the game so we will be improving more in UI to make them easier to put pendant in hair accessories. This is planed to be changed within 2012(you can change the design of hair accessories with item in GD 2.0)

    Question: clan war system has changed completely. however, there are no proper penalties for declaring defeat. any clan can declare defeat in war and will lose nothing. why weren't any penalties for a defeat added?

    Answer: Penalty for declaring defeat will be added. When declaring defeat clan loses -5,000 clan reputation.(in GD 2.1 version)

    Question: are you planning on adding new beautiful arenas to the grand olympiad games? is that possible to bring chat back to the spectator mode in the olympiad?

    Answer: Currently do not have plan in adding additional Arena yet. We are considering about bringing the chat back within limit not to disturb the Olympiad itself

    Question: what should we expect from adding new dragons into the game? will they be the same as valakas and antharas with the entrance not in a peace-zone so that players could fight for them?

    Answer: the Lyndbior will have NPC not in a peace zone

    Question: is that possible to add an npc hermuncus' servant (gk for awakened characters) to all towns? now it is in several towns only.

    Answer: We are planning to organize all the route of the Gate Keepers

    Question: do you have plans to decrease the quantity of resources for inserting soul crystals for special ability on s/s80 weapons?

    Answer: Currently the quantity of Soul Crystals are calculated based on the price of the items so it will be difficult to revise them. However, we will consider this when we re calculated the price of the items

    Question: do you have plans to add "mass plunder" skill to othell rogues for getting items from multiple monsters?

    Answer: We are not considering Mass Plunder at this moment

    Question: do you have plans to make high level awakened skills more powerful?(for example some skills of feoh wizard have high power but inflict low damage)

    Answer: We will consider them when we adjust the balance

    Question: do you have plans to change the architecture of the current castles or add new castles?

    Answer: We not have plan currently in changing the structure nor making a new Castle

    Question: is it normal that hero skills can be renewed by skill reset of aeore healer?

    Answer: Yes this is normal, we will try to make Users clear about which debuffs can be renewed

    Question: is it possible to add information of skill reuse time to skill window(not only at the moment of learning any skill)?

    Answer: We will review them if this is really necessary

    Question: what effects/characteristics can a player get from antharas dye, valakas dye, earth wyrm trasken dye?

    Answer: Currently World Boss Dye is not planed

    Question: do you have plans to expand private warehouse/inventory of awakened characters?

    Answer: The slots in inventory can be explaned by various content. We will consider expanding Warehouse.

    Question: do you have plans to add more content like seed of infinity/seed of destruction/seed of annihilation/seed of hellfire (when you need to complete some stages to get access to different bosses)?

    Answer: Yes, of course we are planing to add more contents

    Question: do you have plans to add new combat animation to players?

    Answer: We are considering this for new Awakened skills

    Question: is it a normal situation when in some cases tyrr warrior can have more pdef than sigel knight?

    Answer: This is normal. P.def can be higher when self buff is used howver the actual damage received cannot be lower then Sigel Knight

    Question: do you have plans to adapt race skills of kamael for mage classes?

    Answer: We will consider mage class to use Final Form Transformation effectively

    Question: do you have plans to add new transformations in game or revamp current transformations for awakened characters?

    Answer: Current transformation system do not let characters use the active skills that character has which make it really inefficient. Therefore, we are considering to change it so player can use the active skills during the transformation

    Another part of questions and answers will be posted as soon as we get replies.

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