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(09/12 — 26/12) Ultra Special Offer: Ticket to Giftland. Christmas

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by RO_Imp, Dec 6, 2022.

  1. RO_Imp

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    Ticket to Giftland is back.
    The road of gifts is leading right to the Christmas day, forming 17 days of useful surprises worth 5 times more than ticket.
    This time, on the last day of Giftland calendar, you will be able to choose between several gifts variants.
    Take a trip to the magical and mysterious Giftland!

    The ticket for this intense ride are already available on the launcher for €29.99.

    :010: Every day at 12:00 CET a new set of prizes becomes available on the launcher for those who have the tickets.
    :013:A total of 17 prizes will be unlocked through 17 days. Wanna see what is waiting for you? Then you will have to ride along.
    :017:On 25th of December, you can make a choice among several available variants for that day.

    ! Please note, that you need to obtain all prizes until the end of offer: 26th of December 12:00 CET, otherwise all unreceived items and ticket will be gone.!

    For those who wonder the contents, the list of prizes in this forum thread will be updates every few days