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(07/03 — 15/03) Weekend offers: Weekend Packs

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by RO_Imp, Mar 7, 2023.

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    The weekend is right around the corner and to prep you up for an amazing time we have brought you special weekend limited sets.
    They are already available on the launcher and you can grab them until the 15th of March.

    ItemZaha Doll Hat PackTiger PackDragon Claw Pack
    Zaha Doll Hat3--
    Marduk Transformation Scroll25--
    INT Biscuit Stick25--
    Sleepy Little Tiger-3-
    Aspd Potion-20-
    Sparkling Candy-20-
    Dragon Claw Helm--2
    Zaha Doll Hat
    Zaha doll hat which resembles angel of Zaha. It looks great on your head.

    INT +3
    Increases Magic Damage on Undead race by 10%
    Has a chance of transforming into Wild Lady for 2 sec. while you are Magically attacking or when you receive Magical damage.

    [For every 3 lvl refine]
    Duration in monster's form +1 sec.

    [During transformation]
    MATK +30
    Reduces Fixed Cast Time -0,08 sec.
    SP -10 per second.

    [For every refine lvl from +2 and higher]
    MATK +30 during transformation.
    Reduces Fixed Cast Time -0,08 sec. during transformation.

    Class: Headgear
    Defense: 1
    Location: Upper
    Weight: 0
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All

    Sleepy Little Tiger
    What should you do if a ferocious predator has nodded on your head?
    The correct answer is to give him a good sleep! Then maybe he won't eat you.

    STR, DEX +2.
    Physical damage on Animal monsters +10% when equipped with a weapon.
    Has a chance of transforming you into an Eddga for 3 seconds while you are physically attacking or when you receive Physical damage.
    Chance to transform increases as refine level goes higher.

    [During transformation]
    ATK +25.
    Drains 5 SP from the user every second.

    [For each refine level]
    ATK +25.

    Class: Headgear
    Location: Upper
    Defense: 10
    Weight: 40
    Required Level: 1
    Job: All

    Dragon Claw Helm
    Instead of blood, living fire flows in your veins!
    You are the Chosen One of the dragonkin!

    Increase resistance against Dragon and Demi-human monsters by 8%.
    Increases healing effect of Meat by 200%.

    [If refine rate is 12 or higher]
    MaxHP +7%.
    MaxSP +3%.

    Class: Headgear
    Location: Upper
    Defense: 5
    Weight: 100
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All