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(15/03—22/03) Poring Invasion: Prontera

Discussion in 'Game Events' started by RO_Imp, Mar 14, 2023.

  1. RO_Imp

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    They say the porings are back in Prontera. It's time to fight back.
    The event will last until March 22nd.

    King Poring Hat

    The Master of all porings, the King Poring's hat.
    Class: Costume
    Defense: 0
    Location: Upper
    Weight: 10
    Required Level: 1
    Job: All

    Fallen Angel Wings
    Those who fell from the sky have lost the ability to fly.
    Their wings are just a bitter reminder of their former greatness.

    All stats +1.

    [For every 20 base stats]
    STR: ATK +1.
    INT: MATK +1.
    VIT: Tolerance to Neutral attacks +1%.
    AGI: ASPD +1%.
    DEX: Ranged ATK +1%.
    LUK: CRIT +1%.

    Class: Garment
    Defense: 18
    Weight: 20
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All