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(29/03 — 05/04) Ultra Special Offer: Ticket to Giftland

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by RO_Imp, Mar 28, 2023.

  1. RO_Imp

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    Come closer traveler, I have here with me tickets for a place you have never been before.
    A place where your money is worth 3 times more and the journey is full of surprises.
    Take a trip to the magical and mysterious Giftland!

    The ticket for this intense ride are already available on the launcher for €34.99.
    Every day at 13:00 CEST a new set of prizes becomes available on the launcher for those who have the tickets.
    A total of 7 prizes will be unlocked through 7 days. Wanna see what is waiting for you? Then you will have to ride along.
    Please note, that you need to obtain all prizes until the end of offer: 5th of April 23:59 CEST, otherwise all unreceived items and ticket will be gone.

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