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(19/04 — 03/05) Special Offer: Battle manual packs (EXTENDED)

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by RO_Imp, Apr 18, 2023.

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    The "Battle manual packs" offer has been extended and will end on 03.05

    While all Eden group quests give +50% increased experience reward, you can extend the experience gain even more with the books from the Battle manual packs offer.
    Packs will stay in the launcher until 26.04.
    ItemSmall HE Battle Manual PackBig HE Battle Manual PackSmall Universal Battle Manual PackBig Universal Battle Manual PackSmall Bubblegum Battle Manual PackBig Bubblegum Battle Manual Pack
    HE Battle Manual1030----
    Universal Battle Manual--520--
    Bubblegum Battle Manual----1025
    All packs are available 1 per account.

    HE Battle Manual

    Account Bound.
    This well written, detailed manual explains the most efficient battle methods.
    Exp rate +100% for 15 min.
    Replaces the effect of a Battle Manual.

    Weight: 1

    Universal Battle Manual

    Account Bound.
    This book tells how to hunt more efficiently.
    An excellent tutorial for both beginners and experienced warriors.
    Exp rate +75% for 30 min.

    Weight: 1

    Bubblegum Battle Manual

    Account Bound.
    A book about combat arts, written on delicious bubblegum paper.
    After reading the page you can chew it and blow the bubble.
    Exp/Job rate +50% for 30 minutes.
    Item drop rate +100% for 30 minutes.
    Replaces the effects of a common Bubble Gum and Battle Manual.
    Weight: 0
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