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New player on Core (from Airin)

Discussion in 'Activity' started by EvilGenius7, Jun 1, 2023.

  1. EvilGenius7

    EvilGenius7 User

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    Hi there. Im a player from Airin server, i gave my characters to my brother and decided to start from 0 on an Eu server. I am 35 years old, a have my wife & two children, why I play la2, this is my first mmorpg that I started playing back in 2005. Now I'm still playing WoW retail, PoE, Apex. On your server, I started playing on Dk, If you haven't played for a long time, or want to quit the game, I would be very grateful if you would give me your items, or adena. We can contact you via discord. we live in Ukraine, if it's not difficult for you, help us get used to it. (I apologize in advance for the google translator). My ign iGabriil (DK) or Palsecam (Iss).
  2. fapandgame

    fapandgame User

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    Welcome to L2 EU - Core.

    ...Where no one gives a rat's bootie about anyone and anything anymore.

    Enjoy your stay here, not many people do nowadays! :30: