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(07/06 - 15/06) Limited Offer: Battle manual packs

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Jun 6, 2023.

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    Battle manual packs will be available exclusively from the 7th of June until 9:00 on the 15th of June (CEST).


    HE Battle Manual

    Account Bound.
    This well written, detailed manual explains the most efficient battle methods.
    Exp rate +100% for 15 min.
    Replaces the effect of a Battle Manual.

    Weight: 1

    Universal Battle Manual

    Account Bound.
    This book tells how to hunt more efficiently.
    An excellent tutorial for both beginners and experienced warriors.
    Exp rate +75% for 30 min.

    Weight: 1

    Bubblegum Battle Manual

    Account Bound.
    A book about combat arts, written on delicious bubblegum paper.
    After reading the page you can chew it and blow the bubble.
    Exp/Job rate +50% for 30 minutes.
    Item drop rate +100% for 30 minutes.
    Replaces the effects of a common Bubble Gum and Battle Manual.
    Weight: 0
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