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(15/06-21/06) Special Offer: Hat Sets

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Jun 15, 2023.

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    From 15.06 to 21.06, you will have the exclusive opportunity to get your hands on Special Hat Sets.


    Sea Captain Hat

    A crisp white hat most often used by the captains of large naval craft. It came to be seen as a sign of unwavering strength in the eyes of naval crews everywhere.
    Reduces the cooldown of Axe Boomerang by 1 second.
    [If upgrade level is +9 or higher]
    Increases the damage of Axe Boomerang and Axe Tornado by 40%.
    Class: Headgear
    Defense: 20
    Location: Upper
    Weight: 20
    Required Lv.: 100
    Job: Mechanic only

    Wolf King Helm

    A helmet made from the head of the Wolf King.
    It looks very menacing and ominous.

    FLEE +10.
    AGI +5.
    Ignore 10% physical defense of Human and Animal race.

    [If refine level is +7 or higher]
    Physical attack has a chance to inflict [Bleed] to all enemies in a 5x5 area.

    [If refine level is +9 or higher]
    Enables use of Lv 1 [Lion's Howl].
    Has a chance of auto casting Lv 5 [Summon Spirit Sphere] when dealing physical attack.

    Class: Headgear
    Location: Upper, Middle
    Defense: 5 Weight: 60
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All

    Loli Ruri's Cat

    A black cat belonging to the young witch Loli Ruri.
    It's very bad-tempered, so be careful!

    INT +2
    Ignores 5% of target's MDEF.

    [For each refine level]
    Ignores 1% of target's MDEF.

    [If refined to +7 or higher]
    MATK +2%
    Ignores 5% of target's MDEF.

    [If refined to +9 or higher]
    MATK +5%

    Class: Headgear
    Location: Upper
    Defense: 0
    Weight: 10
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All

    Enriched Elunium
    Account bound
    An enriched elunium that can be found only deep underground. Used as a material to make stronger armor.
    Increases armor's refine success rate.
    Only Suhnbi of Prontera is capable of working with this material.
    Weight: 0