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(30.08-20.09) Event: Poring Invasion: Geffen

Discussion in 'Game Events' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Aug 29, 2023.

  1. Ragnarok Online Prime

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    They say the porings are back in Geffen. It's time to fight back.
    King Poring Hat
    The Master of all porings, the King Poring's hat.
    Class: Costume
    Defense: 0
    Location: Upper
    Weight: 10
    Required Level: 1
    Job: All

    Fallen Angel Wings
    Those who fell from the sky have lost the ability to fly.
    Their wings are just a bitter reminder of their former greatness.

    All stats +1.

    [For every 20 base stats]
    STR: ATK +1.
    INT: MATK +1.
    VIT: Tolerance to Neutral attacks +1%.
    AGI: ASPD +1%.
    DEX: Ranged ATK +1%.
    LUK: CRIT +1%.

    Class: Garment
    Defense: 18
    Weight: 20
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All