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(06.09-20.09) Limited Offer: Luckybox Sets

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Sep 6, 2023.

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    From 06.09 to 20.09, you will have the exclusive opportunity to get your hands on the Luckybox Sets in 4game launcher.

    Blue Sea Treasure
    Maybe it is a remnant of a civilization long lost to the sea?..
    Open the box and receive one of the following gifts:
    - Happy Balloon
    - Piamette Hood
    - Lucky Coin x3200
    - Costume: Light Blue Aura
    - Costume Elephant Fairy
    - Neuralizer Box
    - Reset Stone
    - HD Carnium
    - HD Bradium
    - Reset Stone
    - Anubis Helm
    - Divine Guard Hat
    - Sea Captain Hat
    - Costume: Sea-Otter Hat
    - Costume Large Hungry Fish
    - Lucky Coin x100
    - Inf. Giant Fly Wing Box (1 h.)
    - Spring Mana Potion
    - Lovebird Treasure
    - Moon Dragon Treasure
    - Old Masters' Treasure
    - HE Battle Manual
    - HE Bubble Gum
    - Enriched Elunium x2
    - Enriched Oridecon x2
    - Superhuman Sweets x2
    - AGI Biscuit Stick x4
    - DEX Biscuit Stick x4
    - INT Biscuit Stick x4
    - LUK Biscuit Stick x4
    - STR Biscuit Stick x4
    - VIT Biscuit Stick x4
    - Bloody Branch x2
    - Party Assumptio 5 Scroll x4
    - Party Blessing 10 Scroll x4
    - Party Increase Agi 10 Scroll x4
    - Archmage Potion
    - Special Blessing of Tyr x10
    - Special Kafra Card x15
    - Guyak Pudding x25
    - Mind Potion x3
    - Water of Life x7
    - Superb Fish Slice x25
    - Dried Yggdrasil Berries x70
    - Yummy Skewered Grill x25
    - Guyak Candy x35
    - Hoddmimis Seed x25
    - Big Bun x20
    Weight: 1

    Number of slots: 0
    Mister Octopus
    Shall we start a war between sharks and dolphins? Rob the National Bank of Atlantis?
    Or will we, as usual, try to take over the sea world?
    Class: Costume
    Location: Upper
    Defense: 0 Weight: 0
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All
    Number of slots: 0
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