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"You can't create items yet." Weapon Forging

Discussion in 'Game Questions' started by junkdiesel, Sep 18, 2023.

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    Hey, everyone.
    I wanted to forge my own weapons for grinding my BS, just as a challenge for myself.

    I have all necessary items, skills, and was even able to make one forge-attempt, which failed when trying to forge an Earth Two-Handed Axe.

    Since then, every time I double-click an Oridecon Hammer, it just says "You can't create items yet". I have more than enough materials for further attempts, they are all in my inventory and not in my cart and putting everything into storage and taking it back out does not help, either.

    Is there a global cooldown on making attempts? If so, how long? It's been 3h already.
    What am I missing?