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(09.11-15.11) Limited Offer: Special Packs for Royal Guard

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Nov 8, 2023.

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    From 09.11 to 15.11, you will have the exclusive opportunity to get your hands on the Special Packs for Royal Guard in 4game launcher.

    Divine Guard Hat
    Reduce the damage received from small, mid, big monsters by 5%.
    When refined to +7 or higher, activates Heal Lv. 5 with 1% chance to yourself when you receive physical damage. (If the skill is learned, activates the acquired level of the skill.)
    When refined to +9 or higher, increases Genesis Ray damage by 20%.
    Class: Headgear
    Defense: 10
    Location: Upper
    Weight: 20
    Required Lv.: 100
    Job: Royal Guard Only
    Number of slots: 1
    Mad Bunny
    It looks so creepy!
    DEX +1
    MDEF +6
    Damage from all elemental attacks -5%
    Set Bonus
    Piamette's Ribbon
    [If refined to +6 or higher]
    Every refine level from +6 and higer reduces damage taken from all elementals attack by 2%.
    When magically attacking, a certain chance to transform into Piamette for 10 sec.
    While transformed, consumes 30HP each second but adds MATK +5 for every 3 refine upgrade[Piamette's Ribbon].
    Chance to transform increases as refine[Piamette's Ribbon] goes higher.
    Class: Shield
    Defense: 40 Weight: 10
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All
    Number of slots: 0
    Imperial Ring
    Class: Accessory
    Weight: 50
    Requires Level: 50
    Usable By: All Jobs
    Str + 1
    Int + 1
    Max HP + 3%
    Max SP + 3%

    Set Bonus
    Imperial Guard[1]
    Imperial Ring[1]
    Increases the damage of Shield Press by 8% per upgrade level of the item past the upgrade level of 5.

    Set Bonus
    Imperial Ring[1]
    Imperial Spear[1]
    Increases the damage of Cannon Spear and Vanishing Point by 7% per 2 upgrade levels of Imperial Spear[1].
    Number of slots: 1