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(17.11-20.11) Limited Offer: The Packs with Blacksmith Blessing

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Nov 17, 2023.

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    From 17.11 18:00 to 20.11 00:00 (CET) The Packs with Blacksmith Blessing are available in the Launcher!

    Blacksmith Blessing
    A bottle with a pink liquid that exudes a pleasant fresh aroma.
    Having inhaled it, you are suddenly filled with confidence in your own abilities.
    It allows you not to lose the level of sharpening and prevent equipment damage in case of failure.
    Each attempt to refine spends a certain amount of blessings, regardless of the success of the improvement.
    The number of bottles required depends on the level of refining:
    From +7 to +8: x1
    From +8 to +9: x2
    From +9 to +10: x4
    From +10 to +11: x7
    From +11 to +12: x11
    Can be used for refining up to +12 inclusive.
    Weight: 0

    Number of slots: 0