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(07.12-13.12) Limited Offer: Special Packs for Maestro

Discussion in 'Shop Updates' started by Ragnarok Online Prime, Dec 6, 2023.

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    From 07.12 to 13.12, you will have the exclusive opportunity to get your hands on the Special Packs for Maestro in 4game launcher.

    Lyrica Hat
    Reduces fixed casting time of all skills by 5% for each level of Voice Lessons learned.
    Reduces the SP cost of Severe Rainstorm by 10.
    Max SP + 200
    If upgraded to +9 or higher, increases Severe Rainstorm damage by 25%.
    Class: Headgear
    Defense: 10
    Location: Upper
    Weight: 20
    Required Lv.: 100
    Job: Maestro only
    Number of slots: 1
    Traveler Shoes
    Class: Shoes
    Defense: 15
    Weight: 50
    Requires Level: 100
    Mdef + 15.
    MaxHP + 3%, MaxSP + 3%.
    Matk + 2%.
    Increases neutral property magical damage by 2%.
    All stat + 1 per each level of Swing Dance user learned.
    Attack speed + 4% per each level of Harmonize user learned.
    MaxHP + 2% per each level of Frigg's Song user learned.
    Increases damage of Metallic Sound by 10% and reduces casting time of Metallic Sound by 10% per each level of Gloomy Shyness user learned.
    If user learned Deep Sleep Lullaby level 1, has a chance of inflicting sleep on an enemy when dealing magical damage.
    Increases a chance of inflicting sleep per each level of Deep Sleep Lullaby user learned.
    If refine rate is 5 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 7%, additional Matk + 3%,
    Increases neutral property magical damage by additional 3%.
    If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 10%, additional Matk + 5%,
    Increases neutral property magical damage by additional 5%.
    Number of slots: 0
    Winged Headphones
    INT +3
    MATK +1% per 1 refine level.
    When refined to +7 or higher, Reverberation damage +30%, SP consumption -18.
    If refined to +10 or higher, Metallic Sound cooldown time -2 sec.
    Class: Equipment
    Defence: 0
    Location: Upper, Middle
    Weight: 1
    Required Level: 1
    Jobs: All
    Number of slots: 1