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Known bugs and errors in Tauti

Discussion in 'Game Bugs (Archive)' started by Cheers, Jul 20, 2012.

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  1. Cheers

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    hunting zones

    1. treekin defender's hp and the amount of xp received from him remain at the pre-tauti level.
    2. bloody swampland location has some geodata errors that hinders character's movement.
    3. occansionally the animation of the dimensional poison zone skill still lingers on even after kartia dimensional watchman in kartia's labyrinth was killed.
    4. acquired xp hasn't been increased in the following locations: antharas's lair, dragon valley, monastery of silence, plains of the lizardmen, field of whispers, sel mahum training grounds.
    5. isaad and gazem cannot see the characters under hiding effects (devil's movement, dance of shadows, etc.) but they can see the servitors.
    6. there is a geodata error in the guillotine fortress when a character in the spirit of naviarope transformation falls under the textures.
    7. there is an error with petrify effects cast on tauti.
    8. sometimes npc transportation assistant in the seed of hellfire does not teleport to other levels.
    9. error of kunda monsters casting debuffs on themselves in tauti warzone.
    10. error when the kunda's debuff sword cleave is displayed as a character's buff.
    11. kunda monsters in tauti warzone do not see characters under hiding skill, but can see servitors.
    12. tauti's debuffs hp absorption and tauti great shout are displayed as a character's buffs.
    13. when a cursed weapon appear to be in the seed of hellfire the location is indicated incorrectly in the system chat.
    14. flight control on gracia incorrectly transports characters in the kamael transformation to the seed of hellfire. npc jaedin and npc officer klemis incorrectly transport to the seed of infinity and the seed of annihilation respectively.
    15. occasionally characters get stuck in the tauti zone textures.
    16. dimensional treasure chests below level 96 appear in the seed of hellfire (97-99).
    17. dimensional treasure chests below level 96 appear on the highest level the guillotine fortress (95-97).
    18. aggressive monsters can see clan servitors under hiding skills (devil's movement, dance of shadows, etc.).
    19. emerald square: the animation of veridan raid bosses does not cease upon re-entering the zone.
    20. dimensional treasure chests 52+ appear in alligator island (40+).
    21. raid boss tauti sometimes drops "underground" and gets stuck in textures in tauti warzone and tauti warzone (epic battle).
    22. dimensional treasure chests: possible to get two rewards from one chest.

    ceremony of chaos

    1. there is a problem when hp/mp/cp of chaotic characters restore to the full but they are not transferred to the ceremony of chaos arena.
    2. impossible to revive a clan servitor if it was killed on the arena.
    3. one can switch to the subclass of level 75 and lower without 3rd class while on the arena.
    4. the registration icon near the radar does not disappear once one has registered.
    5. error of using hero weapon when on the arena.
    6. sometimes one of the monsters on the arena gets stuck in the textures and cannot be targeted.
    7. error of using hero skills on the arena.
    8. issue with debuffs remaining even after a character has exited the arena.
    9. sometime when moving to the arena characters appear to be in the water instead of the arena itself.
    10. impossible to normally carry a proper fight if to arrive at the ceremony of chaos from the flying ship of gracia.
    11. possible to go to the ceremony of chaos arena with raid curse.
    12. a character can leave an instance zone upon clicking "cancel" in the ceremony of chaos registration window.

    grand olympiad

    1. sometimes the results of the fight window does not appear.


    1. the following items cannot be crystallised: tauti's ring, earth wyrm heart ring.
    2. tauti's two-handed axe may be classified as two-handed sword when being auctioned.
    3. tauti weapon cannot be sold.
    4. when changing subclass one receives a debuff for wearing equipment of the appropriate level. when equipped with items of inappropriate level one receives a debuff of only 1 level for each item.
    5. mysterious belt icon does not match the passive skill icon.
    6. glorious t-shirt icon does not match the passive skill icon.
    7. absence of animation when equipping seed talismans.
    8. ruler's authority icon does not match the passive skill icon.
    9. dark legion's edge is classified as two-handed sword when auctioned.
    10. incorrect number of r-grade gems when putting regular soul crystal into dark/bloody helios.
    11. octavis'/istina's bracelet is displayed as an item possible to deposit to the private warehouse even when it is equipped.
    12. error of rare soul crystal installation into r-grade (and higher) epic weapon.
    13. description error of regular and blessed dualswords r-grade and higher with damage up effect. wrong p. atk figure.


    1. problem with the display of the mark on the minimap and the information in "quests" menu about "nightmare of dwarves" and "lucien's altar".
    2. flowers picked up for the "seven flowers" quest do not show in the information window.
    3. there is an error when putting wesley's mixing stone into the mixing urn of the "supplier of reagents" quest.
    4. incorrect dispay of local quests icon in orbis' temple and harnak underground ruins.
    5. impossible to get compensation for the deleted quests at npc news informer.
    6. sometimes not all party members receive a reward for a local quest in the seed of hellfire.
    7. the information about old quests in menu - information - quests has not been deleted.


    1. when castle is changing the side (light to dark or dark to light) clan feature "light/darkness skill" does not disappear. effect from both skills work.
    2. the effects animation of the following skills experience lags: quick return, party return, etc.
    3. sometimes blessed skill enchant option shows as inactive.
    4. poison zone has no effect on players.
    5. icons of the enchanted skills rebirth and time bomb do not go dark when the skills are impossible to use.
    6. clan advent is not cast on the servitors with a summoner logging in.
    7. incorrect compensation for the ecnhanted 3rd class skills upon awakening.
    8. ron's authority skill does not work together with horn melody skill.
    9. some active clan and item skills do not go dark even when one cannot use them.
    10. iss enchanter's sonatas cannot be put onto macros.
    11. mp consumption increases as radiant purge and brilliant purge get enchanted.


    1. friend chat window disappears when watching ingame videos.
    2. some symbols are incorrectly displayed in the chat.
    3. incorrect display of some npcs of the talking island village on the radar.
    4. minimap does not have information about tauti raid and seed of hellfire.
    5. hp/mp information of a targeted character is not up to date (that is, it is not being displayed at a given moment).
    6. after killing clan servitor bratty angma clan reputation do not display in the system chat.
    7. feoh wizard's skill icons do not look as before after using double casting.
    8. message on clan servitor receiving xp upon being summoned is duplicated.
    9. last quest task menu appears when a character teleports or dies.
    10. some skills go dark when going to the ceremony of chaos arena even though they can be used.
    11. friend chat is not visible in friend manager menu.

    aden reconstruction

    1. some pendants are impossible to insert in the head accessories at npc eeny and moe.
    2. when enchanting some aden reconstruction system head accessories not only magic defense increases but physical defense does as well.
    3. pendants cannot be inserted into the following enchanted head accessories: demon circlet, rabbit ears, raccoon ears, cat ears, feathered hat, angel circlet.


    1. privileges of some clans have changed.
    2. textures are displayed incorrectly in rune territory clan halls.
    3. clan logo is displayed incorrectly upon re-login.
    4. npc clan flag casts clan curse debuff on itself.


    1. a character doesn't teleport to the olympic stadium if he/she unsummons a clan pet seconds before teleportation.
    2. thunder hawk does not respond to the changes in servitor actions control menu.
    3. wynn summoner summons receive newbie helper's buff irrespective of the character's level.


    1. oren's npc revolutionary is placed incorrectly.
    2. npc newbie helper's buff has no animation and sound effects.
    4. rune npcs event gatekeeper and revolutionary are misplaced.
    5. animation of such social actions as "dance" and "waiting" gets stuck and repeats infinitely.
    6. oren and giran npc nevit's herald (that appears after killing antharas and valakas) are incorrectly placed.
    7. human mystic lands incorrectly when applying sayune manager.
    8. servitor thunder hawk does not react to actions options changing.
    9. npc chamberlain of darkness in some castles has a dialogue that contains an outdated information about territory wars.
    10. npc guard adios acts incorrectly when chaotic characters are around.
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