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Incrasing online, Frost VS GameGuard, some offers to do more Money for Innova

Discussion in 'Feedback Archive' started by bananarepublic, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. bananarepublic

    bananarepublic User

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    starting about everything, becouse i posted that in mentor theard which was closed after deepblue's "big quiet".

    all bonuses of mentor system, not just more exp. its very helpful for new players whose is coming there to play, when we are "big" 85,++++
    for example: http://truly-free.lineage2.com/path
    its not only "mentee certificate"
    it's so hard add to all warehouse "mentee's certificate" item?
    it's the only we need for mentor system. mentoring is implemented the only thing we need is that item
    but its global or not? there must work everythink and it must not do difrents how to make money for innova. i understand they want to maney from this money making machine... but there no main options, whose can bring it for u. mentor system- more players not for usa global, but for u, for eu global! second example, u want more money? there is way! - http://www.lineage2.com/en/marketpla...ge-service.php
    , third: http://www.lineage2.com/en/marketpla...ng-service.php .... for example i have 3 friends, who offered money for innova to change their nicks.... innova told: " we can't, we haven abilities to do that" its bull**** [sorry my french].... i am not talking about system of nick changin, but change one entry in database and get money for that- joke.. just for innova's evning minds... there is more thing whitch u can change, add to this server to get more player, to get more euros, to get better satisfaction of players....

    one more thing... frost... its working? i saw not one time that there is bots.... so whats difrence from gameguard? - using more resources of pc.... so under castle sieges.... almost not ppassible to play... those who using bots, they will use it and in future, don't worry about it. just there can be more bots huntings in areas like swamp of scream [ many dwarfs with kokaboora's spoiling stones of purity there with bots... just look at it...]... i can say which bot is working there, i know guy, which played there 2 months ago with it becouse -mentor not working!!!

    yeas its not official mentoring system, but if other global using custom why u using original nothig? p.s. now i am looking to http://power.plaync.co.kr/lineage2/%eb%a9%98%ed%86%a0%eb%a7%81+%ec%8b%9c%ec%8a%a4%ed% 85%9ckorea official nc website, u can translate it to english that system is a little bit simplest than path of awakening just do something.
    p.p.s. if u want i can move parts of my post to other parts of forum, it's not neccsasary to make bul**** and say- there no place for that, or close theard where i posted that [ aexatly in mentor theard, is menotr system tabu??areu u scared of my posts? .... just deepblue.. u kiding me with those things like theard closed... there wasnt any offtopics! just ppls want answers, and when u don't care about players interest, they starting to flood. do something except cloasing, baning.... dont be like little kid, we waiting answers, when u will do that... it realy will incrase online...

    gl hf
  2. DeepBlue

    DeepBlue User

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    we will not be having yet another thread about mentoring system here, there are plenty of threads in other sections, sadly most of them abused. we know what the mentoring system is and what it does and does not offer, this was never the issue, the issue was of a technical nature which has caused the delay and when we have another update on it, it will be posted on the thread on the news and announcements section.

    frost is working fully and is very efficient, alot more so then gameguard.

    as was said before, the path of awakening system is not comparable to other servers as it is a custom creation made by ncwest and therefore is moot point, the fact they tie their mentee certificate with their path system is their choice, thats the way they decided to include the certificate as it suited them to tie 2 different aspects together. the koreans mentor system is used in a totally different way again.

    just because you do not see them doesnt mean they weren't there. off-topic posts were being deleted, as warned they would be, therefore you would not see them and after many warnings the thread was closed down.

    we know you are waiting for answers on mentoring but discussing frost and another companies custom features was not on-topic.

    this thread will not be removed but will be locked as it will be trolled and we do not appreciate that in this section as it floods and detracts from the point of the section. if you have specific questions about frost then please direct them to the technical section.
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Not open for further replies.