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Goddess of Destruction: Chapter 3 changes

Discussion in '2011 ~ 2017' started by Cheers, Oct 2, 2012.

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    dear members,

    before taking the poll please read the following letter from the lineage 2 producer to familiarise yourselves with the matter in more details.

    due to a certain disbalance in the economy of the game at the moment it was decided to devise several moves to improve the situation.

    1. disbalance in the ways of obtaining rewards


    currently there is a certain difference in the effectiveness of ways to get important items. despite the diversity of these ways (instanced zones, hunting zones, raid bosses, craft, etc.) each of them provides different chances of obtaining precious items, which leads to some of these ways being unused. if raid bosses and instanced zones are the main means of getting valuable items, others become useless, which undermines the effectiveness of the economy on the whole.



    diversification of ways to get rewards: even distribution
    god 3.0 update changes the lists of items for different sources of obtaining them and is aimed at making those sources equally good in their capacity to provide worthy items in order to ease the pressure on raid bosses and instanced zones and help players enjoy other things without limiting the types and amount of them to only several particular places.

    to add more diversity hunting zones and crafting will be more effective in terms of getting valuable items. thus, the dependency on raid bosses and instanced zones alone will be lessened and it will provide alternative ways of getting good items.

    focus on craft: system reorganisation
    to revitalise the craft system the ingredient requirements have been modified, prices have been altered, recipes reworked. change of value of certain items helps resolve the "item hoarding" issue. necessary ingredients can be obtained by several means; also the system of upgrading ingredients gained on low levels has been further developed.

    thus, the possibility to get necessary ingredients during mob-hunting together with their modification and exchange options and given a lowered crafting price makes the process easier and more interesting.


    2. items circulation modification


    the goddess of destruction unidentified items feature boosted the interest for fast levelling up, weapon upgrading, etc. but at the same time this system's restrictions provoked the appearance of so-called "personal" items available only to a particular character upon checking and their turning into bound items. it brought difficulties into the process of items circulation and made further levelling up more expensive since a character's equipment belonged to him\her alone and couldn't be traded and thus help acquire new equipment. besides, the number of ways to get regular and blessed bound items decreased the need in them which also had its negative impact on the circulation of items.


    bound and unidentified items elimination
    god 3.0 update takes away bound/unidentified items and introduces a system of further development for regular items instead. blessed items will be obtained with a little chance via hunting mobs or during their crafting. it eliminates the risk connected with unidentified items and fixates their price and also prevents market overstocking that happened after bound items had been introduced.

    actual disposal of bound items
    simply delete or turn into regular currently existing bound items is impossible for they'd already been earned by the players and are in the game. to reimburse the deletion of these items to their owners the following should be done:
    - provide permanent access to unbind scrolls
    - change the crystallisation system so that crystallisation of bound items would be more lucrative (receipt of extra materials when crystallising and extra rewards when applying special ability and enchanting).

    3. problems with assets accumulation


    each lineage 2 update brings more and more items for high levels and each "shipment" of these changes the price of the items that a character has got. for instance, goddess of destruction brought about r-grade items, but because of the disbalance between s-grade and r-grade items, below-s-grade items lost their value which had a negative impact on players' assets accumulation. despite the fact that new items introduction should bring changes for the market, the prices fluctuations should be controlled and players' assets stable.


    major changes should restore the balance between the ways to obtain items and their value. it will be done via the following:
    - adding of high-grade items with a specific purpose that do not influence the existing system of items;

    - adding a possibility of obtaining high-grade items with the help of the existing items (as ingredients or items for upgrading);

    - devising such a balance among the ways to get items, that would not severely affect the value of the existing items;

    - introducing high-grade items in a way that would not diminish the value of low-grade items.

    to sum up:
    1. ways of obtaining rewards disbalance
    making various ways of obtaining rewards equal in the profitability increases their value for players, while focus on the craft system together with the redesigning of the ingredients system and exchange revitalises the economy in general.

    2. items circulation modification
    deletion of unidentified/bound items restores the "invest - get - re-invest" scheme and prevents the overstocking of market.

    3. problems with assets accumulation
    new high-grade items introduction should not disrupt the stability of assets balance and lead to a dramatic rise/drop of price and value; this could be done by providing a possibility to upgrade the existing items and other means.

    please don't forget to take part in the poll that we are having here.
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