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"I wish I hadn't done that" (literary contest)

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Cheers, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Cheers

    Cheers User

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    dear members,

    there is no need to be shy, go on and tell us some stories about awkward, clumsy, maybe even embarrassing moments you've had. something, you think, you shouldn't have done after all.

    please take the time to read the conditions of this event before posting, these can be found here
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  2. Sagitta

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    dear diary,
    today i have learned a lesson that i will never forget in my life for one or another reason. after so much awaiting, hoping and trying he finally recognized my skills and invited me in his team! the bravest human knight, whom i have secretly crushed on for so long, gave me the opportunity to fight beside him. i have only been dreaming about this moment, because human archeress like me never joined his team before.
    being so excited, i went to luxury shop to buy a new armor and prepare for the quest. everything there was so shiny, fashionable and so not my taste, but i had to get one to not embarrassing my teammates, and i picked the cheapest - majestic white leather.
    then the journey began! at first, i felt that everybody look at me strange, but i guessed it is because i was new member. even so, i did not care about anything except that i am close to the knight i adore and have a chance to impress him. i though it cannot be true when he praised me for the good done work and let me lead the group on the way. so happy, i stepped out in front and start running when suddenly heard awkward giggle. i turned around; the men were with wide opened eyes and all the girls laugh at me. then the knight came to me with a serious look and gave me his cloak, telling me to cover myself and stay back. i still did not understand why all the fuss was about, when finally dark elf from the girls could not resist and shouted "nice pants". as i realized the majestic skirt was really short and running with it only exposed my panties, i could not stop blushing. i just wanted to run away and hide. when all went so good and i managed to be closer to him, why the end had to be like this? everything was ruined and despite my all dreams and efforts, i was ready to give up. then the leader came to me and explained that exactly this is the reason why he does not recruit human archeress. because of this distraction, his team would not be the best.
    in the end, i wish i had not bought that new fashion armor and got embarrassed in front of all members, including my secret crush... but then again, he told me that this also could be the best way to get some man's attention! sometimes there is no bad advertisement. ;)

    char: sagitta
  3. evd1337

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    regulus' story.

    they stood still.with swords in hand and shield in the other.they were enemies , nothing more - nothing less .
    "-don't do it , brother ." - said dorian.
    "- i must obey... " - replied regulus.
    they both fought furiously.regulus fought with anger , with rage .
    dorian was wiser and thus stronger.but there was something dark in his friend he never saw before.
    he never met such source of power - it was outmatching him.first the strange servitor he had so dark ,
    so powerful. he couldn't ressit. he let thoughts of her beloved take over his mind.
    he fell..


    "light ..." - regulus rumored to himself rather than to the dying body beneath him.
    "light brought you here , brother... light is weakness.." .
    the battle was over . he won . it was hard but he did it. he succeded.
    the new abilities he learned proved to be devastating. he found exactly what he wanted - true power . but at what price ?
    not only did he sacrafice one of his own kind - but he murdered his fellow friend , his brother in arms.
    once they fought besides . he would give his life for him , but now things has changed.
    those thoughts obsessed him while he was cleaning his sword and healing his new friend - the dark panther.
    the panther was the first gift from the many the dark lord bestowed him with.
    hardin - his new teacher , his mentor , his master , his lord .
    dark powers felt so right - he barely felt any pain in battle now . he was wondering how could he ever trust the light.
    he walked quickly . he was headed to the lord .

    "-he will be pleased to hear the news.." . - he whispered to the panther .
    "-won't he ?".

    but something behind was happening . like a burning phoenix , the corpse he left behind bursted in flames.
    he was astonished ,he couldn't believe. his body shivered with fear.
    "-i killed him ... it cannot be true..." - he was trying to convince himself.
    he once heard rumor that ancient knights so dedicated to light could even rebirth with flames ,
    with the soul of phoenix.
    "-but that is just a rumor." - he whispered.

    few seconds later he was panting slowly.the panther left him.
    everything in his sight was becoming darker.
    "death " - he thought.
    those were the last breaths he was taking.
    with last words he said:
    "i wish i hadn't done that , forgive me brother.."

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