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"A day in Istina's life" (literary contest)

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Cheers, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Cheers

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    dear members,

    what do you think such a creature as istina might be doing apart from being attacked and killed by players? is she into cooking? does she like jogging? maybe she is keen on working out? tell us all about it!

    please take the time to read the conditions of this event before posting, these can be found here
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  2. Lilith

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    the last session with the human by phersefone

    a normal day at aden. sunny in every city, even at the dark capital, ruled by the infamous holyinquisition clan. even at that dark city the sky was clear blue and the clouds were white as little cotton balls playing at the inmensity.
    all the races were celebrating the october pumpkin event, where they could get à­tems from the poor punched pumpkins. laughing and filling with music the streets of the cities. the little dwarfies running from here to there while the dark elves smiled to the light elves trying to charm them and get some free adena or jewellery.

    but not everywhere was happy, clean and musical… at gracia… the forgottent continent, lost at the annals of time… a human psychoanalyst was called by someone inside the dangerous, dark and wet istina’s cavern…

    - hello? – asked the man terryfied of what could he encounter with there… bird-like animals observed him from the darkness… making scary sounds and darting the man with their red eyes… but for some uknown reason… no one attacked him.

    a dark priest appeared deep inside the cavern, dressed with black clothes and a mask. his white hair confessed his race… a dark elf living deep inside gracia… something no habitual as shillen was defeated few years ago…. the dark elf rose his hand and motioned to a big door, enormous one made of … what seemed human, elf, and dwarven bones and skulls.
    shuddering, the man knocked the door and after a soft “come inside” he opened it with all his strenght, finding the epic monster called istina there… sitting her huge butt on a little chair. running his blue eyes over the high roofed room to finally find a chair for him. brethes deepely and nods, walking towards the disposed chair and taking a seat near the woman… if it could be called woman….

    good morning lady istina – said the psychoanalyst opening a note block and getting a pen to write. – i hope youve improved from our last sesión… how are you today? – asked with calm voice crossing his leg over the other one, trying to relax.


    good morning doctor… - istina’s voice was trembling, her eyes were wet, probably of crying during the day – i can’t… i can’t hold it anymore… red!!!!!! – screams tensing herself and looking to every place of the room nervously – so… so sorry… - apologices lowering her face and biting her lower lip – i have not improved… im continuously looking to the door to see if i see another bunch of monsters trying to kill me again… to knock me down and to steal me my jewels and properties…

    the human nods and reads what he had written while the woman talked – i see… so those imaginary thiefs… continues coming day after day to beat you hard?

    istina nods scared, trembling – they are not imaginary… fourteen people enters… and starts hitting me! i know that they green!!!!!! that they kill my sons at the seed aswell… not because the name of my home is “seed of anihilation” means that they can come and anihà­late my family! – gets a kleenex and dries the tears – they’ve stolen me already 20 necklaces… 50 rings… and almost 100 earrings… they have a value you know? i am not rich!! – suddenly a explossion from her butt throws acid all over the room as the woman sneezes – oh sorry… - says as watches the human’s clothes almost corroded.

    its… alright… i understand due the stress you continue ill… don’t worry dear. – answers him with a smile, the poor woman was right, at aden, everyone wanted her jewels.. they were absolutelly expensive to buy… but he couldn't tell her that or the economy would simply dissapear at the rich continent. unluckyly the woman would continue having the attacks form the races of aden. – you should rest… maybe get some hollydays… ah?

    blue!!!! – screams tensing her body once more time and looking to every place – rest? i have got thousand children to take care off, and their father simply dissapeared! i think he’s at orbis with i-dont-know- what godess… infidel of him he doesn’t help me with the offspring. green!!! and i cant stop screaming colors… i don’t know why…

    the psychoanalyst nods, feeling pity for her, and thinking in telling that around aden to make them stop tortureing her… she was not that bad… - i think you have a little tourette’s sà­ndrome with the screaming of the colors… you should drink some tile few times a day to calm yourself… stop imagineing things and enjoy with your children a happy day at fantasy island… it would help your mental health, hun.

    istina nodded, thinking in maybe a full week with all her children, the thousand of them playing at fantasy island, smileing lightly – yes… it could be a nice event… dont you think? halloween is arriving and maybe the chidlren could crack some pumpkins… oh red!!!! thank you green!!!!! armand blue!!! green!!! thank you dearly blue!!!!! – istina stands up and hugs the man, not noticeing him almost chocked due the effusive hug – and now… - the woman changes her facial expression to a cruel one – time to feed the offspring… - whispers throwing the man towards the seed of anihilation, as the reptilikon and bisktakon “children” jumped over him… making the so valued psychoanalyst dissapear in the deepth of the island.

    istina smiled and brethed deepely – aden… red!!!! prepare yourself… i will blue!!! visit you soon…

    character ingame and creator of thar (crazy) writting: phersefone
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