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"East or West, home is best" (literary contest)

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Cheers, Oct 9, 2012.

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  1. Cheers

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    dear members,

    so many of us would like to know about your longest/most dangerous/most glorious adventure. share some of that adventure with us!

    please take the time to read the conditions of this event before posting, these can be found here
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  2. Anichka

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    once upon a time a little girl called molly lived in a small town of dion. it was the smallest, but the prettiest town in the world. she was dark elf and she was the strongest wizard in the whole region. she had very good friends and familly who always supported her. but despite all of this she had a big dream. she always wanted to go to the big city of aden and to join the strongest clan trueblood, so she could be able to go and fight epic raid bosses such as baium, frintezza and even trasken.

    one day she saw an announcement that trueblood is recruiting members, so she decided to go and try to impress them. it was really hard for her family and friends to let her go, but after some consideration they decided that molly's dream deserves to come true. she took only the most neccessary items and took a journey to aden. on her way she met a lot of interesting creatures, some of them really kind and others really scary.

    when she got there she was amazed by the huge buildings, shining statues of monthly heroes and the beautiful pets going all around the city. she found the clan hall of trueblood clan and waited for her turn to come. there was a lot of candidates who wanted to join the clan and of course they were really good and high level mages, warriors, tanks etc. they were wearing the highest grades and enchanted armors and weapons with the best special abilities u can even imagine, so molly got a little scared if she would be good enough to join in. when she got in and showed all what she is capable of, everyone seemed to be very impressed, because she was one of the few wizards who possesed the wind magic. it was a really ancient magic who only chosen people were able to use. her grandmother was the one who taught her how to use and control it. the list of the chosen ones was going to be shown at the next day, so molly had enough time to have a look round. she went to the best shops and groceries around the city and even went by the auction house to see if she can afford some of the items in it.

    at the next day the list was out and molly cannot wait to see if she was one of the new members of trueblood. almost breathless she started to read and when she saw her name among the rest, her heart was out of control. she was invited to go in the castle of aden, which trueblood had taken and meet all the old and new members of the clan. with excitement she found out that on the very next day there was a clan event and she was permitted to join. it was the killing of baium raid boss. it was one of the most wanted raid bosses in the world, so it was really prestige if u can praise that u were there and killed him.

    the number of people for entering baium was pretty big, so even the biggest clan needed to take randoms to enter. they needed only seven more players and the command channel was ready. they agreed that after raid is dead they will redrop the loot from it between the party leaders, so everything could be fair. they went in the majestic hall where baium was sleeping and woke him up. everything was shaking like there was an earthquake, because he was so big that no one could see him in his full shape. it was a pretty tough fight and he took a lot of sacrifices, but at the end he dropped his jewel which was very expensive. of course the main party of trueblood picked up the items and then something terrible happened. they dismissed the command channel and party return. they scammed the randoms, so molly was terrified. everything in what she believed was ruined. she thought that big clans have pride and they are honest and good with others. she understood that they are not the clan she wanted to be a member of and realized that even the small clans in dion was better than staying here in the big city and be part of a lie. so she decided to leave the clan and go back to her small village where are all of her friends and family and where she felt really happy. she returned and joined a small clan with joyful and friendly people and she realized that east or west, home is best!

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  3. Eudox

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    i woke up in the morning and i had that itchy feeling, one of those from you cannot get rid of so easily. i knew it is test day - test day for entire clan, test for me. i had to manage my fears and try to be as good as i could be.

    but first, i would have to get up from bed and take a shower. somehow, i couldn’t, my body was way too heavy, i was too nervous and, and… she woke me up. she was a healer of that group – our group, as well she was like an older sister for me, which i never had. throwing a pillow to my bed, wanted to play a joke with me ‘sleeping beauty, it is time to wake up! in few hours we’ve got siege, and both of us are running with boss.’ – ‘aye, boss. he is quite funny person, easy to cooperate with, and yet they were sentencing me to such huge responsibility – keep him alive (about boss i could say only one - he couldn’t survive for longer amount of time). clan is clan, since i am too greenie i cannot oppose anyone.’ with such thought i went straight to take a shower.

    i don’t really remember entire fights, except the fact it was an ugly castle. located terribly bad, in the middle of nowhere and enemy forces could come from each and every side. although there was pretty much of them, even i was able to kill them with my mass magic, what was quite strange for me and wiv. in few moments we were running as a pair of mages in place of healers. what was surprising, even our lovely warriors and boss managed to stay alive without any kind of effort from our side. besides, it was quite funny to watch people running all around like decapitated chickens. one of best examples was an archer from my group, running and yelling how many people he can and he should kill.

    we had only one, tiny problem. our boss couldn’t really crest and take this castle from the enemies. he was trying multiple times, yet he was getting cancelled after minute or two. it was annoying for a mere part of us. people started to glace more carefully all around cresting room, the atmosphere was quite nervous. time was passing and we were standing in empty castle, doing mostly nothing.

    everything relied on him. people trusted boss enough to follow him and now they were looking at his failure. quite nervous he looked all around. his eyes stopped at me, he was staring at me with fascination. i gasped, and blushed instantly. then some kind of goddess of fortune came across. boss decided to ask our mighty enchanters to help him. it required some time, but he managed to collect all of them through clan. in one moment, wiv suggested that boss should take me to protect him. almost choked on my tongue, didn’t manage to respond anything, just few thoughts came across my mind, most of them were asking ‘why, ouch, why me?’. with downcast eyes i came nearby him, trying to focus myself as much as i could. he managed to stay one minute cresting…

    and this most important one, last. all of the enchanters were out of skills and there was half minute to go. enemies were nearby gates and we left only two. rest of clan decided to leave clan leader just to protect him from bigger distance. literatim, there was no one besides us in praying room. considering that boss was too busy cresting, there was only one person able to do anything. ‘what should i do, what should i do?’ i started to panic in my mind. and i heard it – noises of fight. sharpen swords, noises of heavy armors. march of a legion, horses’ neigh. enemy forces were even bigger than my clan suspected. i just could hear sounds of dying people, feel the atmosphere of death which fulfilled the entire castle. despite all of it, i had to focus. slowly then, i decided to cast celestial protection for both of us. suddenly, i started to think more clearly. heard news passed by some clan member, enemies were reaching throne room, rushing like suicidal-assassins. most of them were getting dropped before they saw the throne.

    still, like 20 seconds left. too rushy, i decided to cast purge. since i’ve done it way too early, for like 15 seconds, which lasted like quarter for me, i had no protection for him, that bloody caster didn’t want to finish. counting on my luck, started to heal him in some kind of panic, since i saw how fast he was dropping and then i saw a beam of blinding light…
    and i woke up in the ground, surrounded by entire cactus team. they looked worried, had no clue what happened. neither me, probably i was unconscious. just wanted to ask them about result of the entire fight, but instead of it i received a white cloak with golden mysterious embroidery. inside a packet there was a piece of paper ‘i will keep observing and thinking about you.’. who wrote it? till now i have no idea.

    but… me, eudoxia, the proud child of shilien goddess, has done what was considered as infeasible.

    edit: forgot to mention - eudoxia ig
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