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The Beer Festival

Discussion in '2011 ~ 2017' started by Nemezida, Oct 23, 2012.

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  1. Nemezida

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    the doorbell rang, and a short, stocky man entered the shop. adamantha immediately recognized him as her friend aya’s father – that was gus the apprentice, a brave representative of the dwarven race. the old man had come a long way to get to the capital from a northern settlement of the aden kingdom. on warming himself with a bit of fiery rum, the old dwarf raised his strident voice:

    -misfortune has fallen upon us, adamantha. a misfortune that might cast dishonor upon the whole gus family. you know that a dwarven wedding without beer is a real disgrace for our kin. so, while preparing to marry my daughter to the militant son of dik the artisan, i provided for everything. specially for the celebration, hops and malt were brought from the southern fields to make the frothy beverage that we traditionally brew on wedding day. and if at least one guest manages to leave the feast on their own pair of feet, may every dwarf of the two merging families be put to shame!
    -don't cry, uncle gus, but instead tell us what's happened and why you are here!
    -i can't help crying... i put all the provisions for the beer in the barn, barred the door and went to bed. and our wedding would be the merriest in the whole north if it weren't for the damned monsters that sneaked into my premises. under the veil of darkness those freaks stole all the hops and malt. so i had nothing left to do but to set out for the capital to ask every compassionate person for help. on the sixteenth of october let anyone who kills the filthy monster take the ingredients stolen from my barn. by mixing them up, a warrior will get three kinds of beer with a taste too delicate to be described in words. and those who collect the most beer will be invited to the wedding. we have too little time left to drink rum, adamantha, it's time to act!
    with those words old gus left the shop, leaving adamantha with her thoughts about the strange dwarven customs and about the kind of dress she would like to wear to the wedding.

    the event will be taking place from october 23rd till november 13th.
    23.10 – 6.11 – ingredient drop period
    6.11 – 13.11 – beer for rewards exchanging period

    during this period the beer recipe can be received from the npc queen of hearts. the ingredients are to be obtained by killing monsters. on preparing a beer style, a character definitely gets a reward

    the event process

    1. obtain the [​IMG] “recipe: elven radler” from the npc queen of hearts. it will be added to your recipe book (can be opened in the skills window).
    2. defeated monsters may become the source of the following ingredients required to prepare a cake: beer ingredient: malt, beer ingredient: hops and beer ingredient: yeast.
    3. you can prepare:

    elven radler;
    dion pilsner;
    dwarven royal blue cocktail;
    aden white beer;
    gran kain delight*.

    4. once prepared, the beer is opened by a double-click.

    elven radler

    preparation requires:

    [​IMG] beer ingredient: malt: 10 pcs.
    [​IMG] beer ingredient: hops: 10 pcs.
    [​IMG] beer ingredient: yeast: 5 pcs.

    beer preparation costs 50 mp, the success rate is 95%.


    elven radler

    [​IMG] — transformation scroll: unicorn
    [​IMG] — transformation scroll: dragon bomber
    [​IMG] — blessed scroll of resurrection
    [​IMG] — superior quick healing potion
    [​IMG] — elixir of life (r-grade)
    [​IMG] — elixir of mp (r-grade)
    [​IMG] — elixir of cp (r-grade)
    [​IMG] — dion pilsner

    dion pilsner

    [​IMG] — scroll: enchant weapon (a-grade)
    [​IMG] — scroll: enchant armor (a-grade)
    [​IMG] — high-grade life stone (r-grade)
    [​IMG] — dwarven royal blue cocktail

    dwarven royal blue cocktail

    [​IMG] — scroll: enchant armor (s-grade)
    [​IMG] — blessed scroll: enchant armor (s-grade)
    [​IMG] — top-grade life stone (r-grade)
    [​IMG] — aden white beer

    aden white beer

    [​IMG] — blessed scroll: enchant weapon (s-grade)
    [​IMG] — scroll: enchant weapon (s-grade)
    [​IMG] — scroll: enchant weapon (r-grade)
    [​IMG] — scroll: enchant armor (r-grade)

    gran kain delight

    *[​IMG] gran kain delight preparation requires:

    • [​IMG] — beer tankard (can be found in l2store).
    • [​IMG] — aden white beer;
    • approach npc queen of hearts.

    [​IMG] — ring of baium (3-day / 7-day / unlimited)
    [​IMG] — antharas's earring (3-day / 7-day / unlimited)
  2. Hax

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    i think there are some mistakes.
    beer ingredients and not recipes, rye also seems wrong; its malt.
    its not cake its beer :d

    upd: fixed
  3. DeepBlue

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    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 23, 2012
  4. Hax

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  5. Gilby

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    wanna baium/antharas ? donate $ for 0.00005% thats just epic :d
  6. staniskun

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    what i did not seem normal it's to put an event when half server can not log in...
  7. Dor4BOT

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    got 3 aden beers already in 2 days. first one gave baium 7days, will check what next one gives soon ;)
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