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Please Help! Incomplete Download!

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by johntcastro, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. johntcastro

    johntcastro User

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    hi admis, i have the problem when i download lienage2 the folder frost only contain frostupdater.exe, when i run check4game.exe appear this errors:

    file is not found | frost\frost_32.sys
    file is not found | frost\frost_64.sys
    file is not found | frost\frostcollector.dll
    file is not found | frost\back.bmp
    file is not found | frost\launcher.dll
    file is not found | frost\lineageii.exe
    file is not found | system\gameshielddll.dll
    file is not found | system\frost.ico
    file is not found | system\frostredirinfo.dat
    file is not found | frost\l2.exe.exe
    file is not found | system\l2.exe.exe

    i already delete the system and frost folder and download the game again but no solutions. in check4game.exe when i press the "download client" button, appear this message:

    downloading the files that are not found and which size does not match the size in files.cinn, to get a fully valid client it is necessary to perform 'check with files.cinn' and delete the invalid files.

    all client files are on the disk.

    please help!!!!! and thanks!

    pd: antivirus and firewall are off!. when i launch lineage2 with system/l2.exe appear "problem during frost updating" and dont start.
  2. randomm

    randomm User

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    u must launch the game from innova webpage not from system/l2.exe. open this page https://eu.4game.com/lineage2/play/ log into your account and if u have the game installed u will see play. if u have some missing files u will see install. when u press play game gonna open and frost will update his files => u will be able to play.
  3. Razzly

    Razzly Banned

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    this topic is older than 30 days and will be moved to the archive section . if it's needed to be open again, please send me private information,

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