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Experiment 4 The Cursed Weapon Myth

Discussion in 'Archived experiments' started by Tully, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. Tully

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    tags: [god] [other game mechanics aspects]

    tully was in his library, where he could often be found, in front of the endless bookshelves that were rising ever higher above his head. needless to say, tully had read most of these books collected in here and he was trying to find something new and fresh that would excite his mind. he had been a bit bored lately, to tell the truth, unable to set his mind to anything unusual. nothing was fascinating enough.

    tully was flicking through another book when something caught his eye. there was a brightly-coloured picture of two warriors fighting fiercely, one seemingly holding zariche, the other something that looked very much like akamanah.

    tully frowned and looked at the cover of the book. it said:"ol' wild stories and myths". he stared at the picture again. he read the text beneath it and one particular phrase glued his eyes to the page:"...and the one armed with the greatest of all weapons shall become ever more powerful should he vanquish his equal." tully's mind went racing. what if zariche and akamanah clashed in battle? would the winner become even stronger? would the victor's power increase? this is something to reflect on, indeed...


    so, the myth that has left me without sleep for several days says that if someone with a cursed weapon kills another cursed weapon holder, they will get a ‘secret’ level for their weapon, which will give them incredible power.

    in my first test i decided to figure out the maximum sword level i could possibly get by killing regular chars and how many murders were needed to level up the weapon.

    and here is what i found out: to level up a cursed weapon, one needs to kill 19 chars of the same or higher level for each level-up.

    killlvl 119238357476595611471338152917110
    no matter how hard i tried, i failed to exceed level 10 for the weapon, and that made me suppose that it might be possible to reach higher levels by killing another cursed weapon holder.

    thus, in my second test i wanted to see if the cursed weapon myth holds true: i watched akamanah holder kill zariche holder and vice versa in the hope of getting a sword of incredible power in the end.

    disappointingly enough, the experiment proved that killing another cursed weapon holder does not affect in any way the killer’s cursed weapon properties. nonetheless, there is some truth to the myth: if one is a cursed weapon holder and picks up another cursed weapon, the latter will disappear, but the level of the former will increase by one. it will only “add” the lacking murders for you to reach the next level. for example, you hold a lvl 1 sword and have already killed 18 people. if you pick up another cursed weapon, your sword will become lvl 2, and in order to reach lvl 3, you will need to kill 19 people.

    sadly, no super levels are available; the maximum is level 10. i also uncovered a few peculiar facts during the experiment:

    1. a dropped cursed weapon is always level 1, even if it was level 10 on the previous char.
    2. no matter how much positive reputation one has, after picking up a cursed weapon one gets the maximum negative reputation and after returning to the normal state the reputation is always 0.
    3. although a cursed weapon holder has negative reputation, they get exp (but not sp) when killing mobs.
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