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Experiment 7: Buying Dyes from Mysterious Dye Merchant

Discussion in 'Archived experiments' started by Yumi, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Yumi

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    "all you can invent" convention turned out to be a big success for yumi. after all, she won in 3 nominations! quite a result. that definitely gained her more respect among fellow inventors, made them take her seriously. even tully (with his only award that night) couldn't help but admit she was good, though it was never said out loud, yet you could read it on his face, that also had a hint of jealousy and indignation at this young gadget genius outsmarting him.

    yumi felt like she should do something special to celebrate it. something that would remind her of this big victory (the first one of many-many to come in the future, of course). she thought of buying something for herself. new set of tools? new jet bike? but tools rust. bikes get broken. no, that's not it. she wanted something permanent. and memorable. something light that she wouldn't have to carry around with difficulty. something that was not flashy but that would make people wonder and ask for the story behind it once noticed...

    sheepishly, an idea crept into her mind. yumi came up to the mirror, turned sideways and started examining her shoulder. hm, that would look quite nice, actually. yes, that definitely would. just a small one. right there. nothing large and complicated. a simple and neat spanner, perhaps.

    "that's settled then. i'm getting a tattoo!"

    the purpose of my experiment was to establish whether it is worth buying r-grade dyes from mysterious dye merchant. in this process you get random dyes, so you don’t know which dye you will get: you can receive a lvl 1 dye that is not very valuable or you can get a lvl 5 dye that costs up to 250-300kk.

    test: i bought 10 000 [​IMG] str dyes from mysterious dye merchant (for 10kkk adena in total) and wrote down the number of each dye type i got. the results are listed in the table below:

    approximate chance​
    [​IMG] lv1 str symbol - giant dye (str+3 dex-2)351235.12%[​IMG] lv1 str symbol - ancient dye (str+3 dex-2 resistance to fire +5)254125.41%[​IMG] lv1 str symbol - legendary dye (str+3 dex-1 resistance to fire +5)150315.03%[​IMG] lv2 str symbol - giant dye (str+4 dex-3)8718.71%[​IMG] lv2 str symbol - ancient dye (str+4 dex-3 resistance to fire +10)6386.38%[​IMG] lv2 str symbol - legendary dye (str+4 dex-2 resistance to fire +10)3963.96%[​IMG] lv3 str symbol - giant dye (str+5 dex-4)3153.15%[​IMG] lv3 str symbol - ancient dye (str+5 dex-4 resistance to fire +15)1731.73%[​IMG] lv3 str symbol - legendary dye (str+5 dex-3 resistance to fire +15)280. 28%[​IMG] lv5 str symbol - giant dye (str+5)120.12%[​IMG] lv5 str symbol - ancient dye (str+5 resistance to fire +25)90.09%[​IMG]lv5 str symbol - legendary dye (str+5 dex+1 resistance to fire +25)20.02%


    although the chance of obtaining +5 dyes is low (between 0.02 and 0.12%) one can always benefit from trading dyes of lower levels
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