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Experiment 11 Summoners' Myths p.2

Discussion in 'Archived experiments' started by Yumi, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Yumi

    Yumi Innova Group

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    tags: [god] [item modification] [other items] [other game mechanics aspects]

    having started checking various "myths" about summoners, yumi and her two orc-friends became so absorbed in the process that they saw no reason to stop. what started out as a simple fun thing to do grew into something really fascinating. they still wanted to have fun, of course, and had no intention of turning too serious about this whole "myth" business, yet now they were prepared to spend whole days doing checks on this or that "myth" they'd heard.

    yes, they were wynn summoners themselves, yet they did things naturally, mechanically, not even analysing what they were doing. you don't think about how you walk, do you? you just... walk. that was exactly the case with these guys - they just did what they, summoners, do.

    but to get deeper into the nature of their power was a curious subject. besides, it was so much fun doing it all together!

    they sat down one evening to gather a couple of "myths" they wanted to put to test. as it appears, they came up with three of those...

    1. the attribute myth

    there is a myth that is very popular with wynn summoners, that it is no use improving a weapon with 300 attribute, since the weapon attribute does not apply to attacks by summons: they are believed to attack with the same power regardless of the attribute value of the master’s weapon.

    i decided to put this myth to test. a level 99 wynn summoner without any buffs or armor summoned two cougars and hunted npcs while equipped with a r99 +0 bow without attribute. over a few minutes i fixed the minimum and maximum damage inflicted by summons, including criticals as well as normal blows.

    the test was done once again with the same npcs, but the bow was now enhanced with 300 dark attribute. i have put the results i obtained in both tests in the table below:

    valuewithout attributewith 300 attributeminimum (normal) damage700900maximum (normal) damage8901130minimum critical damage14501840maximum critical damage17502250
    as you can see from the table, the damage inflicted was increased on average by about 27.7%. this bears out the fact that the weapon attribute does affect summons’ stats, increasing damage significantly.

    to make it even more graphic, i’d like to present the results as a diagram:


    2. the epic jewelry myth


    there is another myth i’d like to test today, according to which summons’ stats are not affected by epic jewelry. to see if the myth holds true, i compared the stats of a summoned cougar depending on whether his master, a level 99 wynn summoner without any buffs, was wearing epic jewelry or not.

    on the left you can see the stats for the cougar whose master was not wearing epic jewelry; on the right the cougar’s master was equipped with epic jewelry.


    as you can see, the summon’s stats are the same in both screenshots, though the master’s stats are affected by the jewelry. you can see them in the screenshots below (left – without epic jewelry, right – with epic jewelry):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the tests have proved that the myth holds true. however, there is a condition under which summons can receive part of the benefits of epic jewelry. all awakened wynn summoners possess the [​IMG] ultimate servitor share skill. this skill allows characters to grant their servitor(s) part of their powers: 60% of p.atk./p.def., 30 % of m.atk/m.def., 15% of max hp/mp, 30% of critical rate., 10% of atk.spd. and 3% of casting spd.

    now let us carry out the same test, but with this skill activated. in the screenshot on the left the master is not equipped with epic jewelry, on the right the master is wearing epic jewelry:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    thus, summons can still benefit from part of the bonuses of epic jewelry, but only if their master uses the [​IMG] ultimate servitor share skill.

    3. killing raid bosses by summons


    there is a myth that states that it is possible for a character whose level is higher than that of a raid boss to evade the drop penalty by killing the rb with a summon of the same level. for instance, let us see what happens if raid boss uruka (level 80 raid boss) is killed with a 3rd profession summon (level 80) if the character’s level is over 90.

    in the first part of the test uruka (level 80 raid boss) was killed with spectral lord (level 80 summon) while the character was also level 80 as of the start of the test. so many dropped items were received that the drop list did not even fit into the chat window, despite the fact that the character received level 88 at the end of the test:


    then uruka was killed 100 more times with the same spectral lord, but the character was now level 99. no drop at all was obtained.

    conclusion: the drop rate depends on the character’s level and has nothing to do with the summon’s level.
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