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Looking for Clan/Mentor/Academy in CORE

Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by jrch2k10, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. jrch2k10

    jrch2k10 User

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    hi, my ingame name is tsukuhime <-- mail me there if you interested

    first of all, im very experienced in lineage2 since c4 up to harmony. i come from ncwest servers where i had an wynn lvl. 90.

    im emigrating to innova due to the horrible state of american l2 servers (bots/money trader bots/massive use of cheat programs/unbalancing items in l2store[scroll of destructions. aka easy and fast +16 weapons/armor if you expend some bucks,etc]/absoletely lack of gm and punishment) which forced me to quit and go looking for new waters cuz well is a waste of time to play on an mmo where if you don't cheat/bot and buy adenas with real money you can't even level or get a clan[yeah many big clans require you to bot and use auto target cheats on pvp or bye bye] so im not a quitter or emo, i just wanna play fair and have fun

    ok recruiment data:

    timezone: gmt -4.5
    country: venezuela
    languages: 100% spanish/ 90% english
    core class: female wynn summoner[i love da cats and da gray boobs :eek: ]
    playtime: around 2/3 hours in work days and nolife mode on weekend if having fun
    account type: premium until january <-- testing with 1 month, so far love it
    age: 29
    occupation: c++ developer
    sex: dude
    current level: 32[i should reach b grade today]

    p.s: willing to accept friendly power level
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.