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Experiment 13 Tyrr Warrior's STR and skill critical rate

Discussion in 'Archived experiments' started by Yumi, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Yumi

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    tags: [god] [skills] [stats]

    a little boy was quivering and sobbing, his head down. yumi put her arm around her nephew trying to console him. she looked angry.

    'd'you think it's alright for a child to behave like this?!' she demanded a couple standing nearby her and her nephew. between the two people stood another boy, robust and big for his age, silent, staring at the ground.

    'it's a summer camp for children, not a battlefield!' yumi was fuming.

    'we are really sorry for what our boy did, we really are,' said another boy's mother with a scared impression on her face. the boy's father beside his son and wife looked uncomfortable and not quite as concerned about the issue as he should have been.

    'they're boys. they fight. it's what boys do,' boomed the man.

    yumi's expression turned violent.

    'it's what boys do? you mean to say, it's normal kids actually do criticals on each other? are you being serious?' yumi couldn't believe what she had just heard.

    'well... it was an accident, big deal...' said the man, almost immediately realising it was his mistake.

    yumi didn't burst into hysteria but her look suggested that that would have been a better option than what was about to happen.

    she slowly got up to feet. the man felt uneasy and his wife took a half-step back, shielding her son.

    'now, i'm going to say something and i'm going to say it only once. things like that are not accidents. if you don't want to educate your boy and pay any attention to his behaviour, fine, he's your son, not mine. but if these parental blunders of yours have any more impact on my nephew, i am going to teach you manners myself, and, believe me, i won't be very patient with you two.'
    yumi looked hard in their faces. the woman gulped, the man tried to retain his courage but he didn't dare say anything back. yumi was a nice person but when driven angry, it was strongly advisable to stay away from her.

    she took her nephew, who stopped crying, by the hand and they walked away without another word.

    purpose: to see if tyrr warrior's skill critical rate depends on str

    character: tyrr warrior lvl 99 ork

    equipment: (attack type) eternal heavy armor set (+3str) [​IMG]
    amaranthine dualsword r99 [​IMG]
    skill: mega strike [​IMG]

    test: 1000 blows for each of the following str values: 110, 115, 120, 130.

    i got the following results:

    str110115120130number of critical hits100100110125skill critical rate, %10101112.5


    the x axis represents the str values.
    the y axis represents the skill critical rate.

    conclusion: the increase in str values leads to the increase of skill critical rate. the increase in skill critical rate is gradual. the chart shows that the skill critical rate starts increasing after 115 str and we can observe a gradual increase between 115 str and 130 str. the skill critical rate for 130 str is 25% higher than that for 115 str.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.