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Experiment 14 Iss Enchanter's Debuff Land Rate

Discussion in 'Archived experiments' started by Tully, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. Tully

    Tully Experimenter Moderator

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    tags: [god] [skills] [stats]

    tully woke up. it was saturday, but tully still couldn't afford sleeping in. it was a big clean-up day. he got up, took a shower, combed his beard and was ready to face the challenge of clearing one of his libraries.

    he started vigorously, relocating books, putting them in neat rows and stacks, arranging them according to their subjects, aligning them in alphabetical order, and discarding the ones he no longer needed.

    his whole life tully had been what people would call a bookworm. he found some unconquerable appeal in books. all those pages of people's knowledge, thoughts, spilled onto the paper. he even remembered his first book! it was called 'jet bike by yourself'. not the most traditional choice, and yet this book was very dear to him.

    the reminiscence mood was instigated further when he unexpectedly found something he'd long forgotten he even had. tully found his year book from school. he opened it and immediately familiar faces jumped at him from the old yellowish pages, flooding his mind with memories.

    tully didn't have many friends at school. quite often he was bullied for his addiction to books. and here was the picture of one his most persistent tormentors, who used to put all sorts of debuffs on the bookish dwarf. bloody enchanter...

    tully looked at him with disgust - he did not wish him well even after all these years. one should be responsible for his actions at any age.

    he tossed the year book in the heap of rubbish where lay the books to be thrown away later, and, whistling carelessly, went on with his cleaning up.

    purpose: to see if the debuff land rate of iss enchanter depends on the character’s p.atk./m.atk.

    character: iss enchanter lvl. 99, human, skills enchantment: +0.

    • fighter type: [​IMG] health amaranthine dualsword, [​IMG] (attack type) eternal heavy armor set, str 200, int 0 (thus the char’s p.atk is 4128 and m.atk. is 230).
    • mage type: [​IMG] acumen amaranthine retributer, [​IMG] (magic type) eternal robe set, str 0, int 200 (thus the char’s p. atk. is 266 and m.atk. is 9335).

    target: yul archer lvl 99, human, r99 equip +0.

    debuffs: [​IMG] shadow blade (physical) and [​IMG] ultimate suspension (magic).

    test: 1000 attempts for each debuff and armor set combination.


    1. fighter type equipment.

    [​IMG] shadow blade - 1000 attempts, 129 failed, land rate ~87.1%

    [​IMG] ultimate suspension - 1000 attempts, 148 failed, land rate ~85.2%

    2. mage type equipment.

    [​IMG] - 1000 attempts, 132 failed, land rate ~86.8%.

    [​IMG] - 1000 attempts, 145 failed, land rate ~85.5%.

    conclusion: it is evident that iss enchanter’s debuff land rate does not depend either on p.atk. or m.atk.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.