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Discussion in 'Archive 2.0' started by Suicider, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. Suicider

    Suicider User

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    hi there

    after long time of thinking i decided to roll a phantom summoner. well basically because i wanted to play a summoner and i can think of nicks only for dark elves :d. i need advices about gearing up, what summons to use, lvling places or anything that you think would be useful for total newbie summoner. thx in advance
  2. Vixen

    Vixen User

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    when you are ingame hit alt+m and click on world info

  3. darky

    darky User

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    you can level up until 55-56 as a mage good ol hut and run with twister lol gear does not matter
    after 56 you are a summoner now and you can xp in various location (since 7 signs cats are closed sadly you dont have enough places but oh well..)
    forsaken plains until 60-61 you will not need to heal much (or outlaw forest at the mahums they are x2 hp)
    61-65 at 61-62 you can try the first mobs are blazing swamps (if they didnt change them too..)
    62-65 garden of beast oustide of goddard (lots of xp and lots of a grade :d )(or you can try wall of argos too but its a tricky place to xp since too much idiots will hit you )
    65-70 still outside of goddard but in the left portion of the city with 71+ level mobs (again great xp and a grade drops xd)
    70-75 pavel ruins blazing swamps in the upper level hot springs
    76 until 79-80 i strongly suggest only varka they die with style and they have more drops than ketra
    after 80 well find a party because it is very boring to xp alone (if you dont find a party then 80-83 at crypts of descrase top s weapons/armor drop)
    83 you can check altar of evil spirits i think spectral lord can handle them well

    after 85 you are a self party zerg you can go at swampland or altar and stay ther until 88 i guess
    after that find a party and go to magmeld

    armors weapons
    until s grade its your choice (a grade dc robe with acumen weapon )
    s grade major arcana with arcana mace acumen(no need to craft some top s..)
    after than i dont know what is the best r grade armor :p
  4. Fabien06800

    Fabien06800 User

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  5. yogzotot

    yogzotot User

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    well... i am not a pro... and i may not play ps as it was designed... but i like my play style :p...

    anyway... for a moment i am using c grade weapon with conversion (i am pve player and there is not really need to much hp on ps when u pve so mp > hp) and karmian set.

    u can use other mage weapon with acumen, but karmian set is the best for c grade. it is a solid base, you can use this items until s grade ^_^
    if you find out that you like to nuke to help your summon you can change weapons according to grade, but i think it is unnecessary expanse.
    if you find out die to much or that mana pool become low, change armor for higher grade.
    bizu u should buy always current grade, commons are fine... or bound now ^_^

    so to sum up.
    if you have lot of money try to get top weapon with acumen and top armor set with +15% cast speed for each grade.

    if you do not have lot of money (like me... i am just terrible in making money in l2 :p) just use your c grade stuff up to s grade. then u should have enough money for equipment from lux shop.

    for summons.

    i use shadow almost always. it have passive vr that helps keeping he's hp up. but he's minus is that it cost a lot tu summon and he uses lot of beast ss. so he may not be good for a fresh start ^_^.

    soulless have the same stats that shadow. it do not have passive vr, but has some skills (they are terrible... i not used them for so much time i do not know, maybe they changed :p). but it has low cost of summoning and uses less beast ss then shadow so he is cheaper in killing mobs.

    at 56 u get nightshade. he is very nice... have less p.atk but more p.def so it is easier to keep he's hp up... also he has curse that have chance of lowering enemy p.def... so after all he do almost the same dmg as shadow/soulless. and he uses less beast ss then shadow... moreover he has some mele bufs, and heal. so he maybe used in pt.
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  6. Mantoja

    Mantoja User

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    i found tips helpful and have some as well. the visual difference between summoners. every summoner has one specific buff for his servitor. warlock has run speed, ps has strength (p.attack.) servitor buff, and es has something with mages not sure. second is cubics, i find ps cubics most useful for one is debuff (decreases p.def like hex, p.attack or attack speed randomly) as well as mass cubic for all party. the other is stun cubic and lands pretty much often (not sure if its good in pvp).
    the good news are that to summon u don't need any crystals anymore instead you use spirit ore (you can find them in grocery store) - so be sure you always have enough, for you don't want to find yourself in situation when you are out of spirit ore.

    until s80 don't waste your time and nerves looking for a decent gear. as was mentioned before - summoners are not involved in contact directly, all you have to build is casting speed and mana pool for being able to heal your servitor quickly as possible.

    so all adena you spend is on spirit ore and beast soulshots.

    for pvp just check youtube i'm sure you will find some guides or simple motivating vids for any summoner.

    p.s.the final form of summoners are so cool!
  7. Ellishin

    Ellishin User

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    what is the best r grade armor (immortal + type) and weapon (requiem) for a ps ?? robe/light, magic/bow ??
  8. Diamonds

    Diamonds User

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    both. buy both sets.
  9. PrayForMercy

    PrayForMercy User

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    well when you go farm as wynn summoner in most parties u will need light/bow since u will play cougars ... that's like 85% of the time! 15% of the time .... u will use robe/magic weapon with reapers.
  10. Eska

    Eska User

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    due to no interest in this thread i'm moving it to archive.
    you can find there all moved and closed threads.
    if thread was moved there, and it shouldn't be closed yet, please pm me to move it back to the branch.

    best regards,
    piotr 'eska' kostro
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